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Bliss by Gini Rifkin

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    Fae Warrior, Bliss Goodeve, fires up her empath skills to battle the Reptiles invading Earth. But when it comes to her new human partner, Nathaniel Calhoun, Bliss would rather make love than wage war. A man of mystery, she wonders what he's hiding behind the horn-rimmed glasses and white lab coat.

    Nate admits to being a brainiac, at least that’s the persona he shows the outside world. If his boss discovers his troubled past, life could get complicated. The bad boy in Nate wants the beguiling Bliss in the worst way. Yet, the scientist inside him calculates high odds of being left broken-hearted.

    After one Reptile goes rogue, it’s up to Bliss, Nate, and an alien critter named Noodge to bring him down. But time is running out, and things are heating up—especially romantically. Bliss is all for living in the moment. But will that be enough for Nate?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 260
    Word Count: 64890
    978-1-5092-1112-8 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1113-5 Digital


    Nate gained his feet. Bliss remained seated. “This is private property,” Nate said, “so I have to figure you fellows are a might lost.”

    The enemy on the left took a step forward then hesitated when Nate rested his right hand on the butt of his pistol.

    “Sorry to interrupt your doings,” the other one called over to them. “We were…bird watching and surely did get lost.” He kept looking around as if assessing the terrain or making sure only the two of them were present.

    “You’ll want to backtrack and then head west,” Nate advised and pointed. “The main road’s about five miles that away.”

    One man raised a hand in thanks, and both faded into the trees.

    “They aren’t going to leave.” she said. “They were just checking us out. Wonder if they know who we are, or if it’s coincidence them showing up here.”

    “The scientist in me doesn’t believe in coincidence,” he said.

    “Me neither. When they return, they’ll be in Rep form.”

    Bliss eased up out of her chair. Nate stood transfixed as she began to morph into warrior mode.

    Like liquid silver, the bracelets she wore transformed into armor protection for her hands and forearms. She grew taller, leaner, meaner, her eyes flashing. When her wings materialized he took a step back. They were gleaming metal, appearing deceptively fragile, but the talons along the edges appeared sharp and deadly—dispelling any doubt the wings were made for battle. Giving a few preemptive flaps, she sent up a wave of dust, reminding him of an armed-to-the-teeth Victoria’s Secret model. But now was hardly the time for waxing poetic.

    Jamming his Stetson on more securely, he retrieved his lariat, grabbed the reins, and leapt onto the mare’s back. Riding without a saddle wouldn’t have been his first choice, but being the only choice, it’d have to do.

    “Easy girl,” he murmured, when the mare danced to one side. The little dun, one of his best, would be facing a predator worse than the mountain lion they’d come upon last year. He could only hope she’d muster the same passel of courage today as she did then.

    With an ungodly roar, the two Reps charged out of the woods. Their gruesome reality surpassed all the pictures he’d concocted in his mind. The mare snorted, but stood fast. With a war cry making his hair stand on end, Bliss shot straight up into the air.

    The Reps split up, heading in opposite directions. Bliss targeted the one on the left. He waited for the one on the right to draw closer. When the behemoth came within range, he fired, unloading his Colt revolver. It barely slowed the monster down. He glanced at the rope he held. It seemed rather fragile defense in the face of what headed his way.


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