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Wrapped Up in You by Erin Bevan

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  • Princess Jenny Claus has thirty suitors to choose from to take on the role of Santa and her husband, and only three weeks to do it. When an outsider crashes into and destroys the toy factory, her Gala and the prospect of Christmas for children everywhere are ruined.
    Logan Moss awakens from his plane crash, suffering from partial amnesia. Surrounded by a world he always considered make believe, he has a hard time accepting his new surroundings. Except for one snow princess who he’s deeply fascinated with. And when Logan realizes she only has three weeks to pick a husband, he begins to feel compelled to be that man. Problem is, he can’t remember if he has a wife.
    With Christmas getting closer, Jenny has to make the hardest decision of her life...duty or love.

    Rating: Sweet
    Page Count: 298
    Word Count: 71005
    978-1-5092-1151-7 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1152-4 Digital


    The toy factory?

    Jenny couldn’t wrap her mind around the thought. If the toys were on fire, how would they ever finish in time for Christmas? A fire wasn’t exactly what she’d meant by earth shattering. A little zing or a little rumble only she could feel. Not destruction of property.

    “Come on, Mom. We have to go help.”

    She pulled her mother’s hand and raced for the door. This day had turned into a nightmare. No wonder she had such mixed feelings about this silly tradition.

    “Mrs. Claus, Princess, wait. There is something else,” Joy yelled from behind them, as the two assistants ran toward them.

    Her mother stopped and pulled Jenny to a halt. “What else?”

    “The pilot,” Peace said, her breathing back to a semi-normal pace.

    “What about him?”

    “Why, ma’am,” Joy replied, “he’s alive. He crawled out of the plane and collapsed, but he’s alive.”

    The pilot survived a plane crash? What kind of man was he? Some sort of superhero?

    “An outsider in the North Pole?” Her mother gasped. “That’s never happened before. Come, Jenny. We must help your father and save the toy factory. Christmas is less than a month away.”

    Jenny ran after her as fast as her corset and petticoats would allow. The thought of losing the toy factory terrified her, but her curiosity almost outweighed her fears.

    A fire.

    A man.


    Could it be?

    Fire billowed from all the windows of the toy factory. The plane had crashed into the shop, bringing a string of power lines with it, leaving any chance of saving the building or its contents lost.

    Jenny stood in disbelief as elf firefighters struggled behind the powerful force of giant water hoses, their feet miraculously planted to the snow-covered ground. If it hadn’t been for her Courtship Gala, many elves would have been inside the factory working. Everyone had been given the evening off to attend.

    For the first time, she was thankful for the archaic tradition.

    “Let’s get him to the hospital,” a rescue worker yelled over the noise buzzing all around.

    She stepped back, farther from the burning building, her lungs fighting for fresh air, and turned to find the stretcher and ambulance. On the flat bed, a man lay unconscious, covered in soot, yet his jawline stood out precise, almost like it had been etched in ice. He had short cut hair, dark like the night, and his ears had the perfect curve to them, unlike any she had ever seen…except hers. A genetic mutation the doctors called it. In her mind, her ears were only one more reason why she didn’t fit in.

    She swept her gaze down his body to his hands—large and masculine. He was beautiful…if one could call a man beautiful.

    Her heart pounded and fluttered through her chest unlike with any suitor she had just met. Her breath quickened, and a warmth radiated through her center. Maybe it was the fire? Maybe it was him? She wanted to touch him. She had to touch him; search for that zing, that electric charge that soared through her body. Was he the reason?

    Almost there, she took a step closer and held out her hand, her fingers inches from his.


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Wrapped Up in You

Wrapped Up in You


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