Ghostdrums by Sherrie Lea Morgan

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  • Marine Veteran, Marcus Lincoln, returns home after almost being blown to bits. His physical injuries are nothing compared to his mental state. He now sees the ghost of his best friend. In need of R & R he rents rooms from a landowner in small town Georgia. However, the landlord looks nothing like he imagined.

    Victoria Silvershade is a spirit seeker. She wants to start a foundation that will allow her to help spirits who have not crossed over. And it just so happens, she has her own troupe of ghosts residing in her home. To bring in money, she rents out part of her house to Marcus, but fails to tell him his new landlord is a woman.

    When her foundation sponsors begin to turn up dead, Victoria, Marcus, and their combined ghost family try to find the killer. But will they succeed before they become deceased themselves?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 260
    Word Count: 65410
    978-1-5092-1074-9 Digital
    978-1-5092-1073-2 Paperback


    Marcus focused on the slight opening of his door. He could have sworn he’d seen movement. He stilled and listened to the sound of the backdoor opening and closing. What’s going on here?

    “Twinkie, I think she was watching you.” Frank advised.

    “Maybe.” Marcus refused to embellish his statement.

    “No, maybe to it. She went out back. You should follow her.”

    He tightened his lips. “Why? It’s none of my business.”

    “Come on. You know you want to see what she’s up to.” Frank teased.

    Marcus ignored his friend and marched to the large window on the back wall of his bedroom, flipping the lights off on his way. With the lights out, he discerned her moving toward the woods carrying a large basket. What the hell was she doing outside this late?

    Where was she going?

    He pulled on a sweatshirt and moved out the backdoor before realizing what he’d done. Damn woman. First she about knocked him on his butt floating down the stairs that morning with her hair glinting against the lights. When she put her hand out in greeting, it was all he could do to give her a quick shake before shackling his hands to his sides. He’d had to clench his fists to keep from reaching for her.

    She’d been in an all fire hurry to leave for work, but he’d caught her scent and couldn’t shake the warmth it gave him. Ah, hell, who was he kidding? He wasn’t ready for any kind of relationship and right now, given his condition, no woman would be interested in him either. Marcus snorted and then crept slowly into the woods. Victoria wouldn’t be difficult to track. Civilians never realized what they did when they tromped around. Her voice reached him in the darkness and while he didn’t understand the words, the musical pitch called to him. The cadence of her tone soothed and conjured up memories of warm summer nights at his cousin’s lake house.

    By the time he reached Victoria, she was walking around a small pool of water carrying a bundle of burning leaves. Sage. He recognized it from his cousin’s house. Ah, so she’s Wiccan or Native American. His cousin explained both those cultures often used the herb to cleanse. She must be planning to do some kind of ritual, and it piqued his curiosity enough to keep him still. His gaze tracked her path around the pool as she sang.

    The words became clearer when Victoria approached his side of the pond. The clearing gave a perfect view of the now beckoning moon. Pure moonlight, the lake, and her lilting words meant she was doing a special ceremony. He shook his head. His cousin also indicated this type of ceremony was meant to be private. He shouldn’t stay. Marcus prepared to leave but then she halted and dropped her robe.

    Completely nude Victoria was by far the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.


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