Christmas in Kissinger by Misty Simon

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    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 202
    Word Count: 50830
    978-1-5092-0960-6 Paperback
    978-1-5092-0961-3 Digital


    Jocelyn groaned and slapped her free hand to her forehead. “Seriously, Mother, you’re killing me. Go get dressed. I have a class in an hour and a half and about two hundred replacement tutus to hang in the meantime.” She’d sent them all back the first time because the stitching was not right. She might not run a big city studio, but she did run a tight and professional ship when it came to the quality provided.

    On a laugh, Flo jetéd out of the back room, her body as spry as a teenager’s as she leapt and landed. Jocelyn shook her head. The woman was almost sixty and completely unstoppable. Jocelyn hoped to be like her when she grew up.

    An hour later, heavy footsteps sounded in the foyer. The guys were here. Jocelyn smiled to herself as she put another tutu on a plastic hanger and placed it on the rolling dressing room rack. Dexter Zegray had first approached her at a Halloween party a month ago to ask if she could point him in the right direction for ballroom lessons. She’d hesitated to offer Flo, but the lady herself, dressed like a flapper from the twenties, had swooped in with her fake cigarette and her on-display garters and had immediately signed him up.

    Of course, Jocelyn had no problem with teaching the guys a special dance for the wedding. She thought it was beyond adorable that he had even thought of it. But if Flo was going to try to play matchmaker, then life was going to be rough for the next week.

    Music started in the room she’d named “Pas de chat,” the one she’d set up for the guys. A waltz threaded through the air, and Jocelyn stopped tutu duty long enough to check out what they’d be working with.

    Exiting the back room, she looked at her clipboard one more time to make sure she was only waiting for one more set of boxes. She was pleased to find her calculations were right. Not so pleased when someone rammed into her, then swept her off her feet.

    “Hey!” she said as she registered the big forearm against her back and the other behind her knees. A scent tickled her nose with memories long buried.

    She looked up into the velvetiest brown eyes imaginable. They crinkled at the corners in a way they hadn’t eleven years ago, with lines fanning out from the sides that were either from laughing or frowning.

    At the moment they were laughing, and she was not amused even if she was shocked enough to not immediately demand to be put down.


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Christmas in Kissinger

Christmas in Kissinger

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