Worth a Thousand Words by Doreen Alsen

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  • The Lobster Cove Series

    Angelique Durand had it all, beauty, a flourishing career as a super-model, and a fabulous existence living the high life in Europe. All that came to a crashing halt when she was arrested for a crime she didn’t commit and had a tragic accident that left her face disfigured. She’s come to Lobster Cove to hide and rebuild her life. Nothing in her future is certain except for one thing – she will never, ever stand in front of a camera again.

    Tim Baldwin, a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist, was kidnapped by ISIS and held hostage. Rescued just before his scheduled execution, Tim returned to his family’s summer home. Suffering from PTSD, he has also lost his ability to take pictures. Things change when an intriguing woman moves into the beach house next door and she is the only subject Tim can photograph.

    Can these two battered souls come together to find everlasting love?

    Rating: Hot
    Page Count: 336
    Word Count: 75615
    978-1-5092-0975-0 Paperback
    978-1-5092-0976-7 Digital


    Angelique sat on her beach chair, inhaling the June breeze that always carried the taste of salt. Of course that salt wasn’t doing her hair and complexion any favors.

    Her feet felt a lot better than they had when she’d hobbled out of the Sea Crest Inn. Still, a good soak in the ocean and some of the foot balm she had for after a long day walking the runway should do the trick.


    Oh, look. Her handsome neighbor, Tim, with his very large dog.

    They stood at the bottom of their stairs watching her with matching grins. Well, not quite matching. The dog’s tongue stuck out of his mouth while Tim kept his in his mouth.

    “Hey,” she called back. She stood, only wincing a little bit. “Out for a walk?”

    He held up the leash. “Yep. Want to come along?”

    She hid a grimace that threatened to spread all over her face. “Uh, no thank you. I’m happy to stay right here for now. It’s a pretty and restful view.”

    “That it is.” He looked out to the distance. “So, Miss Angie No Last Name, what did you do today?” He smiled at her. “Or maybe you can let me know your last name.”

    Angelique’s breath hitched. She’d give him the name she’d put on those tax forms she had to fill out. “Doucette. Angie Doucette.”

    He raised his brows. “Doosit? Angie Doosit? That’s not a name you hear around these parts. But then, your accent is a big clue that you’re from somewhere warmer.”

    “That’s true.” She looked out over the water. “But I like it here. Lobster Cove is very charming and low key. The people are friendly.”

    He put the hand she’d released into his cargo shorts pocket. “Low key is good. People pretty much leave you alone if you don’t want to socialize.”

    “It’s definitely a plus.” She wrapped her arms around her middle.

    He bent down and picked up a sizeable piece of driftwood. “Hey! Chester!” He threw the stick. “Fetch!”

    The dog woofed and galloped after it.

    “He’s not as scary when he’s not running at top speed, mouth open to show those big teeth, and barking up a storm.”

    Tim laughed. “He’s a good dog.” Chester skidded to a halt in front of him and dropped the piece of wood on Tim’s feet. He picked up the stick and threw it again. Chester took off like the Tazmanian Devil from the Bugs Bunny cartoons.


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Worth a Thousand Words

Worth a Thousand Words

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