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For Love and Cheesecake by Misty Simon

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    It's a recipe for disaster...
    Take one incurable womanizer
    Mix in one pregnant mistress and one delusional fiancée
    Add a dash of chef gone haywire
    Stir in one newly assertive shop assistant
    Toss with an amateur sleuth who doesn't want to get involved and the love of her life who is in up to the tips of his spiky hair
    And garnish with a couple of detectives who are not amused.
    Serves one crazy, homicidal maniac.  
    Ivy is back and she's stellar, except for trying to kick a nagging cold and the bad habit of being in the middle of every Martha's Point murder. Unfortunately, they're both kicking her as she is harangued by her favorite chef to find out who torched his restaurant and one of his waiters along with it. Ivy knows what she should do, but when has that ever stopped her from wading in? Only this time she could very well sacrifice everything…for love and cheesecake.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 218
    Word Count: 56690
    978-1-5092-0905-7 Paperback
    978-1-5092-0906-4 Digital 


    “I have a body down at Jerry Boucheron’s restaurant, and it’s not pretty,” Debbie said while I held back the scream of frustration that we were going to be in the middle of yet another murder investigation.

    Seriously, no one had murdered anyone in the ten years before I came here. Everyone just died peacefully in their sleep, maybe a car accident or two. But it was like all the crazies had come out of the woodwork since my arrival. I wished they would go back in and leave me the heck alone.

    Detective Debbie Bartley was still talking, though, while I had my little mental ramble, so I tuned back in.

    “Don’t you ever read the paper? You and I need to have a talk, Ivy. You were one of the last people to talk to Jerry, and you were at the restaurant the other night.”

    Here’s where people would normally say they lost their appetite and put down the last half of their sandwich. Then again, this was me, and so I took the last two inches of the cheesesteak and crammed it into my mouth like a squirrel tucking away food for the winter. I was not talking about anything if I could help it without talking to Ben first. Was that where he had gone early this morning, and yesterday morning, too? Why hadn’t I heard anything about this before now? On that note, why wasn’t I getting my paper in the mornings? I’d noticed the paper was gone again this morning, but the thought was lost when I came into the mad house of the shop earlier.

    I had wandered through the shop some today but had put in a bunch of orders, so maybe I just hadn’t heard all the gossip flying around. Most of my conversations had been about bust sizes and cod pieces.

    My phone rang while I was still doing my squirrel impersonation.

    Charlie picked it up, muttered, “Uh-huh,” a bunch of times, then hung up the phone and speared me with a glance. “Ben says don’t utter a word until he gets here.”

    Debbie gave Charlie a pretty nasty look while crossing her arms over her chest and stomping out.

    “Wow, she gave up fast,” I said before I could think better of it.

    “Oh, no, I’ll probably hear plenty about it later, but right now she’s trying to respect my workplace. She was angry you gave me a hard time about the kissing thing yesterday and wanted to confront you, but I asked her to remember this was my job.”

    Nice. Now I bet she hated me and would make my life miserable. Wouldn’t that just be peachy?


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For Love and Cheesecake

For Love and Cheesecake

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