Love and the Pursuit of Justice by C. K. Charlotte

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  • Love and Pursuit Series

    Diana Vanderwell is an American heiress enjoying the carefree lifestyle of the bright young people in 1920s London.  Beautiful, wealthy, and headstrong, she has always been able to buy whatever she desires. But when she is accused of being an accessory to murder, she finds the handsome barrister she desperately wants is not so easily obtained.
    Graham Wetherington is a new partner with the law firm of Smythe and Company. A veteran of the Great War, he is serious about making his mark as a barrister. His fascination with the firm's new client threatens that goal, but there is no denying his attraction.  
    Graham works to defend Diana, yet fend off her advances. Diana juggles her increasingly complicated lifestyle, a police investigation into the accessory charges, and her desire for Graham.  Can a British barrister and an American heiress survive a criminal investigation and forge a life together?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 101
    Word Count: 22285
    978-1-5092-0918-7 Digital 


    A commotion at the door caught his attention. A large, rambunctious group entered the hotel. Laughing and joking, they took over the room. From the sound of their accents, at least a portion of them were Americans. Graham had no sooner formed this thought, when he heard it echoed by a matron nearby. “Americans! Detestable people, loud and vulgar; they have the most appalling accents.” Graham heard her confide to her companion.

    At that exact moment, a surprising apparition entered the room. Tall and slender, with ivory skin, shining eyes, and curly cropped ebony hair, the figure’s mannerisms suggested a female. But the clothing was mannish, topped with a fedora, and accessorized with an instrument case and a short riding crop. Graham stared in fascination.

    Seemingly feeling his gaze, the figure waved the crop in his direction, removed the hat, and provided him with an impish grin. Simultaneously, she—it must be a she, thought Graham—grabbed a flute of champagne from a passing waiter and released a deep, but decidedly feminine, laugh. Graham laughed as well. Who was this woman?

    Again the matron behind him voiced his thoughts. “Who is that young woman? The one wearing the men’s clothing?”

    “Oh Elizabeth,” her companion responded. “Haven’t you heard? The new darling of the bright young people: Diana Vanderwell, southern belle from Nashville. Very nouveau riche. Her father owns a publishing dynasty, I believe. The Mirror calls her the ‘Tennessee Princess.’ ”


    “Tennessee, dearest. The ‘northernmost southern state,’ as they say in America.”

    “Right,” Elizabeth replied, in a tone which suggested the circumstances were anything but. “One would think such a father could at least purchase his princess an appropriate frock.”

    Graham’s eavesdropping was interrupted by the tap of a riding crop. “Have we met before?” asked an evocative southern voice.

    Graham gazed down into dark violet eyes, surrounded by heavy black lashes and framed by a crop of ebony curls. The vixen in men’s clothing smiled up at him, while continuing to lightly strike him with the crop.

    Harrumph,” uttered the matron Elizabeth, as she moved her companion away.

    “Young woman, please…” Graham attempted to express his outrage at being summoned for attention by the use of a riding crop. But the violet eyes held him mesmerized. He had never seen such eyes: nearly purple with coquettish lashes. The eyes of a little girl locking herself into his memory. He tried again. “I am quite sure I would have remembered a prior meeting, madam.”


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Love and the Pursuit of Justice

Love and the Pursuit of Justice

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