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Fate Forgotten by J.L. Sheppard

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    Valerie Matlock’s life revolves around her coven. Young and naïve, she knows little about the immortal war brewing until the night her coven is attacked. In the blink of an eye, the family she loves is gone. Devastated, she lays eyes on the angry demon warrior, Jacob Rhodes. A Guardian, he means her no harm, but she fears him as deeply as she craves him. She has to stay away. She just doesn’t know if she can.

    The pain of Jacob’s losses have hardened him. He lives for revenge and uses anger like a shield, keeping everyone at arm’s length. He can’t risk losing more. Tragedy strikes, again, and he’s left caring for his four-year-old niece, Annie. The bright girl deserves better than him. But he can’t give her up, not ever. When he sets his eyes on his fated mate, the powerful witch, Valerie, his life gets twice as complicated. Will she accept him, a demon she fears and his adopted child?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 338
    Word Count: 77050
    978-1-5092-0816-6 Paperback
    978-1-5092-0817-3 Digital


    A beautiful stranger sleeping on his couch.

    His chest heaved. A low growl escaped his lips. Rubbing his sweaty palms against his jeans, the sense of possessiveness overwhelmed him, so much of it, it spilled out of him.

    On her side, her body turned toward him, her head on a blue cushion. Deep auburn hair spilled around it in waves. Dressed casually in a pair of jeans, a green blouse, her shoes, a pair of flats, lay on the floor in front of her.

    Beautiful. No other way to describe her. Utterly, mind-bogglingly beautiful.

    Petite, a slim waist, and rounded hips. Her face stunning: cheeks flushed, nose small and pointy, lips shaped in a perfect bow. Her dark hair seemed silky and thick, and she had the longest lashes, lashes that made him wonder what color her eyes were.

    Taking a step closer, he pulled in a breath. Shivers ran through him. Holding back a groan, his jaw clenched.


    No longer a mystery, the haunting scent was hers.

    It wasn’t just her scent, it was her. Bewitching, everything about her fascinated him.

    His body pulsed. The desire to hold her, comfort her, protect her, claim her coursed through him. Powerful, confounding, and indescribable. Even now, staring at her, he was drawn inexplicably. He couldn’t put it into words, and he couldn’t ignore it. But he knew why he couldn’t control it.

    She was his fated mate, the woman granted to him above all others, his other half. No doubt about it.

    She was his.

    And he hers.

    He couldn’t help what he did next. She was asleep and he didn’t know her, but ever so slowly, he drew closer. A mere foot away, he held his hand over her face, craving with every fiber in his being to feel the softness of her skin against his.

    Her eyes snapped open. Painful jolts shot through him. The ache so unbearable it brought him, a demon, to his knees. The current gone a moment later, but the agony didn’t fade. Every joint, every muscle burned.

    And still, all he could think about: her eyes were the perfect shade—honey.

    As she sat up, she slapped her hand over her mouth. Eyes wide, her jaw dropped open.

    He couldn’t help but feel anything but pride. His mate, a witch, was as powerful as she was beautiful.

    “Oh God! I’m so sorry.” She stood, then rushed toward him, pausing feet away. “You scared me…”

    Taking a deep breath, he ignored the lingering ache, placed a palm on the floor, and stood. At his height, six foot six, he towered over her. “I scared you? What’d you do to me?”

    Her eyes rounded. She hesitated. “I’m sorry. I… Well…Y-you’re…intimidating…” She looked away. “And…I mean, imagine waking up and the first thing you see is a demon’s death stare.”

    As she talked, she shifted uncomfortably, all new to him, all surreal. He watched her movements and mannerisms carefully, trying to memorize them. Her voice soft and beguiling, distracting him, he wasn’t able to fully listen to what she said, amazed this beautiful creature, a small, powerful witch with beautiful hair and eyes of honey, belonged to him.

    He grinned, then shook his head to focus his thoughts. What had she said? Something about…“Death stare?”

    She shrugged, wrapping her arms around herself. Her gaze met his for a split second before she released a breath. Her shoulders slumped. “You know when you guys are angry your eyes glow.”


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Fate Forgotten

Fate Forgotten

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