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Love on a Wire by Jo Barrett

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  • Page Count: 30
    Word Count: 7982

    (MSRP: 2.0000)

    Two lonely people brought together by a meddling aunt's matchmaking find more than just friendship over the Internet.

    (30 pages) Sweet


    Casey flopped down in the chair in front of her computer and debated on whether or not to open her email. Nothing good had come out of it lately, nothing but well-meaning friends who thought she had the slightest interest in how her ex-husband looked or whom he was with. She couldn’t give a flying fig what he was doing as long as it didn’t involve her in any way, shape, or form. After all, it had been three years since they’d divorced.

    She reached down beside the scarred oak desk, one of her uncle’s old cast-offs, and punched the button. The subtle ping from the computer made her realize how quiet it was in her apartment.

    The atmosphere should’ve been relaxing, but it wasn’t. She knew it was the boredom, the day-in-day-out routine that had worn her nerves thin, more than the redundant news of how great Phillip looked. Casey figured, more than anything, that she was simply lonely.

    Straightening her spine, bracing herself for the inevitable, she opened her inbox and skimmed through the various messages.

    “Spam, spam. Phillip crap, spam—Aunt Beverly?” With a smile and a tiny spurt of joy, she opened the message from her aunt. Having lost her mother at birth and then her father of a stroke when she was only eight years old, her aunt and uncle had raised her. They were her only family.


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Love on a Wire

Love on a Wire

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