Drama Queen by Christine Columbus

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    Did Mark bestow more than his mother's dog? Will Michelle's unexpected pet bring more than drama into her life?

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    I couldn't believe that the dark haired stranger standing in front of me in dark brown dress slacks and a cream-colored shirt was the same Mark that Mrs. Henderson described. She had said that her son managed a grocery store and all I could imagine was a pudgy, short, balding man with dingy white shirt and wrinkled black tie. This guy was gorgeous with short thick dark hair, brown eyes, broad shoulders, flat stomach and narrow hips. He looked like he spent more time outside than indoors. I was certain that beneath the fine clothes was a toned, hard body.

    Some women might have tried to imagine him in a tuxedo walking them down the aisle while they wore a white gown, but all I could think about was putting him into a pair of tight blue jeans and cowboy boots and taking him out to two-step. Or maybe unbutton a couple of the buttons on his shirt and find a Salsa band.

    "Not what you expected?" he asked.

    "It's just, I, um ... when your Mom," I faltered.

    "I know, I had you pictured a blue-haired matronly type with sensible shoes and polyester pants." He had the slightest of smiles on his face. The depth of his gaze deepened and I felt like he could see through my tailored black skirt and blazer to the delicate black lacy underwear I wore to make myself feel feminine. I resisted the urge to reach my hand up to check that my dark brown curly hair was still secured in a binder and piled on top of my head. I swear I could almost feel his fingers tangling in the curls as he released the fastener and let my hair tumble down my shoulders. I took a ragged breath and hoped that the sound of whimpering was coming from the dog in his arms and not me.


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Drama Queen

Drama Queen

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