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eValentine by Jo Barrett

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  • Page Count: 21
    Word Count: 7200

    (MSRP: 1.5000)

    Can a painfully shy computer programmer find love in a jury pool? Karina's cat, Emma, believes so.

    (21 Pages) Sweet


    With a quick glance at the crowd down the hill, Karina leaned forward and pecked him on the cheek. "Good luck."

    He stood amazed, and watched as pink infused her cheeks. Matt knew then she'd stolen his heart.

    "Thanks," he said roughly then forced himself to leave.

    Kari watched him saunter down the hill, silently cursing herself. What was she thinking to kiss him like that and in front of everyone they worked with?

    "I knew I'd do something stupid," she muttered.

    The massive relief and pure joy she'd felt when she spied him coming toward her must have dulled what little good sense she possessed. Someone was bound to have seen her lovely display and would circulate the information all over the plant. The teasing would last for weeks.

    But he was so--nice. She'd never seen a man smile at her that way--and those blasted dimples, how could she resist?

    She moved closer to the finish line for a better look, and exchanged a few pleasantries with several other employees. Thankfully, it wasn't long before the race began. She knew her face had to still be burning from her exhibition, but no one said anything, thank goodness.

    As the racers sped around the lake, she barely held in her shouts of encouragement. The kiss was enough to get everyone talking, she didn't need to act like a crazed fan--or girlfriend--but the urge to cheer had her bouncing on her feet, and she finally gave in. People could talk all they wanted. She was having a great time for the first time in--forever.


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