Christmas Mischief by Christine Columbus

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    What could be worse than driving down a county road on a cold, snowy December afternoon and getting a flat tire... Being locked out of your car by your exuberant dog, acting like a fool trying to get back in when a tall dark handsome stranger stops and then the man doesn’t ask for your phone number.

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    "Miss, are you okay?"

    A strange voice stopped me in my tracks. I looked up. Ten feet away stood a man with a huge, black, pick-up truck behind him.

    I flashed him a tentative smile. He didn't look like a murderer. I shook my head in disbelief. I was becoming my grandmother--paranoid.

    Still I studied the man, just in case I needed to give the police a physical description. He stood straight and tall, at least six feet, in his late twenties, compelling blue eyes, clean-shaven, no scars and black unruly hair.

    My jaw slacked, my teeth started up their chattering, I switched the rock to my left hand. "I've got a flat tire."

    "Are you planning on using the rock to fix the flat or hit someone over the head?" He took a blue knit stocking cap from out of his jacket pocket and pulled it on.

    My fingers were tinged blue. I tried to keep the hysteria out of my voice, "I was going to use the rock to break a window."

    Corners of his mouth twitched. "This might sound like a dumb question, but why?"


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Christmas Mischief

Christmas Mischief

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