A Witch's Journey by Tena Stetler

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    Pepper McKay comes from a long line of powerful witches. Unfortunately, magic brings her nothing but trouble. She learned the love of wildlife rescue and rehab from her Aunt Ashling. After graduating from college, Pepper works for Salem Wildlife Sanctuary and lives from paycheck to paycheck until she inherits the McKay property in Lobster Cove. With the family land and resources, she dares to dream of starting her own wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center.

    Lathen Quartz, a former Navy SEAL turned handyman maintains the enchanted McKay property for the McKay estate. But someone is trying to steal the McKay magic. Lathen offers to help Pepper achieve her life-long dream of building a wildlife center. During the long hours spent together on the project, their mutual attraction can’t be denied. But each harbors a deep, dark secret. Will they overcome their demons and give love a chance?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 344
    Word Count: 88890
    978-1-5092-0820-3 Paperback
    978-1-5092-0821-0 Digital


    Sometimes You Have to Slam a Door

    Before Opening a Window


    A loud knock on the apartment door broke her concentration. The scrying crystal connected to a delicate gold chain that seconds before floated in the air, dropped and bounced once, then came to rest on top a dog-eared map of the United States. Pepper cursed, shoved at the map spread across the glass-topped, oak coffee table, then closed her eyes as her mind’s third eye opened. At her apartment door stood a stocky young man with short dark hair, dressed in business casual attire. He shifted from one foot to the other and held a large white envelope along with a business card.

    He leaned his ear to the door, listened, and knocked again, louder this time. “Ms. McKay…Pepper McKay are you in there?”

    Not wanting to acknowledge the visitor, Pepper sat still, opened her eyes, and rested her head in her hands. The last thing she needed tonight was a visit from another process server with more legal papers telling her she was no longer welcome in Salem. Or at least in this quaint, cozy apartment building she’d called home for the last ten years. It was within walking distance to the wildlife rescue she worked for as a licensed rehab specialist. The rescue was more than a job. It was her life’s work. But her continued employment now endangered the grants and funding the center depended upon to stay open. Even though Gwen protested, Pepper resigned, came home, packed up her apartment, and prepared to leave by week’s end. All thanks to the landlord who had a vendetta against witches. Gee, imagine that, discrimination against witches in Salem, Massachusetts.

    In her heart, she knew she could win a lawsuit against the manager and the corporation that owned the building. But she was also aware a legal battle against a large corporation would take money, lots of it. The costs would gobble up the small inheritance she’d received from her paternal grandmother and probably cut into her modest income from the rescue. But it was a moot point, she had resigned.

    All this happened due to the magic storm that hit the town a month ago on the anniversary of a Bishop witch’s burning during the Salem Witch Trials. The magic climate was always unstable around the anniversary, but this year, buildings were damaged, sidewalks buckled, mortals became disorientated, and chaos reigned for almost forty-eight hours. She had put up a magic barrier around the rehab center, so there was no disruption, but it had drawn attention and couldn’t be explained away. If she had it to do over again, she wouldn’t change a thing. Her boyfriend’s big mouth didn’t help matters. She’d given him the boot shortly thereafter. Bad taste in men, her downfall.



A Magical Read

The young witch Pepper McKay has been forced to leave Salem, but finds out about an inheritance just time. The land and most of the town in her new home are happy to welcome her even those who know about her powers.
Lathen Quartz is the handyman who will help Pepper's dreams of a wildlife rescue centre come true, and just maybe a few others as well. He has a few troubles of his own to sort out.
The magical community has it's own share of jealousy which can be dangerous to anyone caught in the crossfire.
A magical story with wonderful characters, human and animal. I was drawn in on the first page and found it impossible to put down. I want to visit the rest of the families involved in the book. I feel there is much more to come. I loved every page.
Reviewer: petulawinmill - Reading Alley 10/14/16

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    A Witch's Journey

    A Witch's Journey

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