Josie by Lora Darling

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  • Page Count: 38
    Word Count: 38
    Rating: Sensual (PG-PG13)

    (MSRP: 3.0000)

    Josie is a lone female werewolf on the run from the hunters who killed her mate. If she hopes to survive, she must put her trust in Shawn Reardon, the handsome zoologist who gets in her way and nearly loses his life as a result.

    Miniature Rose
    (38 pages)


    The sound of distant voices and snapping twigs jerked Josie's gaze toward the horizon. The noises were coming closer and she recognized them as the same ones that had interrupted her tryst with Michael earlier in the evening. What should have been a private, blissful encounter had turned into a frightful fight for their lives. Dropping to her knees, she buried her face in Michael's fur, memorized his scent, and said a silent goodbye. "I love you," she whispered before pulling back. A hot tear rolled down her cheek, but she swiped it away. There was no more time for grief.



Beautifully satisfying!

Josie De Luca is a human/wolf shifter, alone and on the run from werewolf hunters when she encounters zoologist Shawn Reardon.

Revealing more about the plot would spoil the story, so I'll just say, beautiful! There were a couple moments when I worried the author would break the magic spell she had woven, but she didn't. The way she raised my apprehension, letting me believe it could all go wrong in a minute, made the relief she delivered even sweeter.

Ms. Darling pulled together all the elements in just the right proportions to leave me thoroughly satisfied. There's nothing she could have done to make the story better. It drew me in from the first page and I couldn't stop reading until I had finished. Brilliant!

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