Spark of Magic by Lily Stone

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    When she pulls into the driveway of the crumbling mansion, Britt knows this is no ordinary job. The place needs more than her electrician’s touch; that much is obvious. And the sparks that fly when she sets eyes on owner Marc McDaniels aren’t all from the faulty wiring. But will a witch’s spell, an escaping toddler, and impending danger short-circuit their sizzling attraction?

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    Britt colored. She turned her back and slid the red coverall over her hips. It was so tight she had to wiggle a bit to get into it. Over her shoulder, she noticed Marc eyeing her appreciatively from across the room. She slipped her arms into the sleeves and then zipped it up. Most of her cleavage was still exposed. She usually wore a T-shirt underneath, but what did it matter? He'd already seen a lot more of her.

    She turned. "That better?"

    His eyes strayed to the deep V of the coverall. Her nipples poked out under the fabric.

    He swallowed hard. "Not exactly."

    He was obviously as aroused as she was. She had trouble thinking rationally, but managed to explain what had happened in the yard earlier.

    "So you saved Raina's life twice today. How can I ever repay you?"

    She lowered her gaze. "Actually, the kiss under the crib was payment enough."

    His eyes lit up. "Really?"

    When she nodded, he crossed the room like a tiger stalking its prey. "In that case, you deserve another kiss for saving Raina from the witch."


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Spark of Magic

Spark of Magic

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