Dragon's Fire by Sheri Lewis Wohl

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  • Page Count: 13
    Word Count: 0

    (MSRP: 1.5000)

    Two hearts joined by love and desire are separated by a cruel fate. In another time and place, dragon keeper Michael saved the House of Obert, but died in Belle’s arms as she pledged her love forever.

    Can it now be that very love spanning time and dimension that brings together a quiet librarian and a handsome stranger who whispers her name and ignites her passion?

    13 Pages Spicy


    "I'm your friend," he says, his gaze holding mine. "And, I've been waiting for you a very long time."

    "But we've never met." I don't look away. He is so beautiful and so strange. Or maybe he's just play-acting for the themed party. Whatever it is, he has my undivided attention. I forget all about Melissa when I look into those bottomless blue eyes.

    He reaches over and traces a path down my cheek and neck with the tip of his finger. A fire smolders at his touch and it's all I can do to breath. His fingers stop the erotic caress of my skin, catching the edge of my dragon coat, tugging it slightly to bring me closer to his body. The heat between us is volcano hot. If I weren't feeling it, I would never believe it. Ten minutes ago I was a shy librarian coaxed out of my boring routine for a themed party. Now I feel caught up in web of seduction and yearning. I have not even the slightest desire to leave.

    "In another life," he says, with his lips pressed against my ear. "We were lovers."


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Dragon's Fire

Dragon's Fire

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