Scent of Cherry by Patty Hardin

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    The scent of cherry pipe tobacco drifts through Angela Cabot’s kitchen as she prepares to paint the walls. She doesn’t smoke, certainly not a pipe. Who is trying to tell her something and what is the message?

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    The scent of cherry pipe tobacco drifted through Angela Cabot’s kitchen. She didn’t smoke, certainly not a pipe. She shrugged and continued working. The scent continued to follow her around but only in the kitchen.

    After her divorce from Stephen, Angela took her hurt and anger to the beach. She found comfort there and before long the anger dissipated. Now, a year later, Angela had moved to the beach full time, started a new job and signed the papers on what she considered her dream house. Stephen hated the beach. It seems he hated a lot of things, including marriage to me. Oh well, life was better without him.

    Angela loved everything about the beach. The smell of seaweed, the salt-laden air, even the fishy smell so often present. The whole experience of walking along the sand made her feel alive.

    She shook her head when she recalled just how difficult it had been to convince the real estate agent to show her the house in the first place.

    “It’s really not much of a house,” the agent had said. She hadn’t been quick enough to unwrinkle her nose before Angela caught the gesture.

    “Maybe not,” Angela had told the woman. “I want to see it anyway.”


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Scent of Cherry

Scent of Cherry

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