Time And Again by Nancy Fraser

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  • When reporter, Kate Brogan, and her ex-husband vice cop, Matthew Kelley, both end up investigating local psychic Olga Limas, Kate realizes the fluff piece of journalism she'd anticipated might just turn into something more. Out to debunk the woman's claim of being able to guide seance participants into the future, both hers and Matt's skepticism is put to the test when they find themselves transported to 2065.Certain the only one they can truly trust is each other, they form an alliance that quickly stirs more intimate and loving memories. Just as they are about to be shown the way home, a presidential assassination puts their lives, and their chances for a "happily ever after," in jeopardy.

    PRINT ISBN 1-60154-461-8
    (260 pages) Sensual


    Reaching out, Matt took hold of Kate's elbow, pulling her up to the next crossbar until they shared one rung, their legs touching thigh to thigh. Turning her around so that she stood balanced in front of him, Matt pressed her hands flat against the small, metal square and fanned his own hands over hers.

    Kate closed her eyes and let the overwhelming heat of Matt's body wash through her. Nothing's changed. He can still jerk your heartstrings with little more than a touch.

    "Okay, Kate, on the count of three, we push. Got it?"

    "Yes, I've got it."

    "One," Matt began, "two, three."

    At his mark, Kate pushed with all her might. Against her arms, Matt's muscles bunched and strained. With a second effort, and then a third, they displaced the heavy lid and slid it to one side. Together, they stepped onto the next rung and poked their heads through the narrow opening.

    "Holy Pulitzer Prize!" Kate exclaimed.

    "What the hell?" Matt said at the same time.

    "What is all this, Matt?"

    "I'm not sure, Cricket. I've never seen anything--"

    Like the beam of a maritime sentry, a wide and bright light swept over them, temporarily blinding them, instinctively forcing Kate backward and into Matt's arms. The beam swung to the left and then to the right, illuminating a vast room filled with blinking lights and computers. The high tech set up resembled something straight out of Star Wars.

    "Where are we?" Matt wondered in a hushed whisper, his lips hovering close to Kate's ear. The eerie uncertainty of his question sent a chill down Kate's back.

    "More importantly," Kate responded, her voice filled with a nervous excitement, "when are we?"



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Time And Again

Time And Again

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