Guardian Of Destiny by Lynn Lowery

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    Mordavia is a land of magic and wonder. From the Tower of Wardrick, where the Guardians use their ancient magic and mysterious secrets to protect the kingdom, to the barrens of Scrag Fang, the land is a heaven to some and a hell to those who will stop at nothing to conquer it.

    Melisha Nightsbane, the second in command of the Guardians of Wardrick, has held everything in her hands at one time, even true love, until it was ripped from her grasp and heart two years ago. But when Patyn Brighthand, the man who broke her heart returns on a mission to save the world, she finds herself on the adventure of her life. One that will reveal secrets that will change history and her heart, forever.

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    Not sure what she had ridden up on, Melisha gripped her sword tightly and let go of the silence she had created. The figure immediately went rigid and spun faster than any opponent she had faced in a long time. It took a moment for realization to set in. As the man now faced her, his dark brown eyes full of danger one minute before immediately falling to a softness she had not witnessed in over two years.


    She held her breath, biting on the inside of her cheek as she sat there in silence. She wanted to ride in the opposite direction as fast as she could. Okay, so maybe she wanted to run up to him, kick him in the face, and then flee. Instead, she did nothing; her body was having the same problem as her mouth. She analyzed his shoulders that spanned a yard, supporting that ruggedly handsome face she had stared at for hours at a time. His sandy blonde hair was cut short now, though it once fell right above his shoulders. She fought to deny that this was happening. After two years, the man that had walked away from her and broke her heart now stood in front of her, in the middle of a battlefield, over a dead woman.


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Guardian Of Destiny

Guardian Of Destiny

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