Ancestors Of Fire by Brenda J Weaver

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  • The Empowered Spirits, Book 2

    Given to a stranger who was suppose to be her enemy by her father as he lay dying, the beautiful Lady Aeryn retreats to her home to heal her wounds and broken heart. To what purpose did her father do such a thing? It did not matter for she had vowed to protect her heart from the evil wiles of men. Though she would be bound forever to the stranger she would never let him become her true husband.

    Angus had been just as shocked as the lovely Lady Aeryn had been when her dying father bound them together for life. She had angrily declared they would never be together then disappeared into thin air. As the new lord of Glendaugh Castle and all its lands, Angus was starting to come into his own powers that had been in hiding, lying dormant just beneath the surface. As much as he hated to get involved with Aeyrn, he needed her to complete the quest that was thrust upon him.

    Will they over come the wall that had been built up around them and find a lasting love to surmount all time or will the Ancestors of Fire be their down fall forever?

    (Pages 248) Spicy


    As Angus touched her lips to silence her protest, his body went up in flames.

    The last time he kissed her he did not truly let himself taste her. This time was different. Her lips were soft and moist, pliant against his, burning a path to his soul that would never be the same. Once he felt her resistance dissipate, he leisurely explored their depths, drinking in the essence of her.

    Angus ran his tongue along the sweet edge of her lips then dipped it into the cavern of her mouth, drinking her, devouring her with his boldness. He wanted their bodies connected in more ways than his smoke hazed mind could comprehend, yet he took his time. Even though it was growing harder for him to keep his rampant body in check. He had to keep reminding himself that she was still weak and wounded, with scars that had not healed from within.

    His mouth wandered from her lips and caressed the smooth contours of her neck, leaving tiny kisses down her throat to the top of her breasts. His right hand caressed her flat stomach, bringing her closer to him.

    Aeryn was lost in a maze of feelings she hadn’t known she possessed. A fire started in the pit of her belly, sending liquid fire burning deep within. How could she want this when every fiber of her being rebelled against it? She shouldn’t be enjoying this, not after the terrible things Harper had inflicted.

    “Angus—no—please,” Aeryn whispered as his lips came dangerously close to a nipple. She shuddered with anticipation but knew she must make him stop before it was too late.


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Ancestors Of Fire

Ancestors Of Fire

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