All For Love by Lora Darling

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    French émigré, Olivier Davignon, is determined to prove himself worthy of Maisie Tindall at any cost. With Maisie's brother by his side, he becomes a highwayman in an effort to acquire enough wealth to offer for her hand. When things go awry and Olivier ends up wounded, he confesses to Maisie he has done it all for her.

    Unbeknownst to Olivier, Maisie has loved him since their first meeting, but his confession leaves her doubting they can ever have a future, despite how desperately she wants to be with him. Soon, however, the choice

    may not be hers as Maisie's father must decide if he is willing to trust his daughter's

    heart to a head strong, adventurous Frenchman.

    38 Pages, Sensual


    "Olivier needs you."

    Maisie bolted out of bed, unmindful of facing her brother in naught but her nightgown and woolen stockings, not that Justin seemed inclined to notice as he continued to paw at his hair. She grabbed his arm.

    "Tell me what has happened."

    "He needs you. I did all I could, but the blood..." He shook his head and took a deep shuddering breath. "Maisie, if he does not get stitched up he will bleed to death."

    Maisie's heart stopped. Olivier was not allowed to bleed to death. It did not matter how he had been injured or even who had injured him. Such details could be worked out later, but he could not bleed to death, not before she told him she loved him.



An enjoyable read.

Maisie has eyes for her brother's French friend Olivier. Because of his financial situation, Olivier doesn't believe himself a worthy suitor for Maisie. In a desperate attempt to raise his status he makes a terrible decision that threatens any chance for him to find happiness with the woman he loves.

Maisie is a woman who knows what she wants and isn't willing to let a mistake keep her from the object of her desire. Only forces beyond her control can do that.

Olivier is a likable enough character, but I have little respect for him because of his questionable morality. I wonder what kind of life any woman could have with a man willing to stoop so low, regardless of his motivation.

Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes a good person does the wrong thing for the right reason. I would have liked for Olivier to work to redeem himself, and prove himself worthy of Maisie's love. Had he done so, he could have earned my respect.

As it stands, All for Love is a short, sweet tale. It's well written, and I enjoyed it. I'm on to another Lora Darling work entitled, Josie.

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    All For Love

    All For Love

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