Memory's Edge by Bette McNicholas

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  • MEMORY’S EDGE is a novel that finds Victoria Garrett living in the middle of the War Between the States. Brave and feisty at eighteen, she takes on a mission to smuggle two slaves to the Underground Railroad in Delaware with the help of her parents. But resting along the banks of the Brandywine she soon finds her venture involves her in an explosion at the DuPont Munitions Factory and being arrested as a Confederate spy.

    Captain Luke Cassidy, one of three secret agents sent by President Lincoln to thwart Confederate attempts to steal gunpowder, has different thoughts about Victoria, the only survivor he finds unconscious at the scene, where he notices strangulation marks on her neck. He and his men, invincible together, rescue her and hide her from the person trying to kill her.

    Victoria has amnesia caused by the trauma she suffered during the explosion. Alone and frightened, with no memory, she turns to the one person who will save her, Luke Cassidy. Theirs is a tale of murder, espionage and love…

    (280 pages) Sensual


    Victoria enjoyed walking alone after the midday meal and dreamt of the day Luke would return home. She felt his presence even though he was away, and she recalled the passion and the love they shared. She longed to be held in his arms and to be loved.

    She was constantly aware of how acute her need and want of him had become. She would clench her fist, smile, and whisper in the wind, “I will survive until you return.”

    Walking along the driveway one day, she witnessed a wounded man collapse at the front gate. The two soldiers on guard outside the gate rushed to his side, and Victoria ran furiously to help them.

    The man appeared to be unconscious when she approached, and then, with lightning speed, he pulled a long knife out from under his jacket and plunged it deep into the stomach of one of the guards.

    Before the other guard realized what had happened, the man plunged the knife into his side also and then scrambled to get out from under their fallen forms.

    Victoria stood there, frozen in her tracks, with her hands over her mouth. The thin, wiry man started toward her and she saw in his eyes a venomous hatred that instantly frightened her.

    She tried to scream but fear crippled her as she stared at the long blade of the knife, dripping with innocent blood.


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Memory's Edge

Memory's Edge

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