A Dash Of Longing by Lora Darling

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  • Page Count: 33
    Word Count: 10400

    (MSRP: 1.5000)

    When big-city, celebrity chef, Matthew English moves to the quaint town of Salty Breezes, he's hoping to blend in with the locals. He wants to sample a taste of the normal life for awhile, but it never occurs to him that he might fall head over heels in love while he's there. Vivian Caprice, local freelance writer and aspiring romance author, lets curiosity get the better of her and she boldly jogs up the driveway of the Matthew English. Sparks fly during their flirtatious encounter, and then he offers to cook dinner for her. Shocked and flattered by the invitation, she accepts, never guessing that true love is on the menu.

    (33 pages) sensual


    An hour after the last plate had been scraped clean, they sat side by side in front of the dormant fireplace in the out-of-date drawing room. The phonograph had been wound to life again, and a sad tune floated in the air behind them. It wasn't music Matt particularly favored, but the plinking piano and the forlorn horns were somehow appropriate for the moment.

    In contrast to the soothing music, caution and desire battled within him. He didn't want to come off as a brute and treat Vivian as if she'd been hired to keep him company for the night, but he very much wanted to kiss her again. She'd warned him earlier to be careful, and at that moment he'd realized she wasn't like any of the other women he'd dated. Despite the chic haircut, the sexy top, and the killer python shoes, she was a normal gal from a normal part of the world, looking to live a normal life.

    His life had ceased to resemble normal so long ago he was amazed he recognized the novelty when confronted with it, but Vivian made him feel like a small-town kid again. It was a feeling he hadn't realized he missed until the moment she appeared at the foot of his driveway.

    Still unsure, but willing to take a risk, he reached for her hand. "I was going to ask you to dance, but I think I'll do this instead." Their mouths came together with a fire that had been absent in their first kiss.



An excellent little romance

She's a keeper. Lora Darling is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.

Vivian meets the celebrity crush of her dreams but when she discovers he reciprocates her feelings, anxieties from a past relationship threaten to ruin their budding romance.

I read this in two sittings out of necessity, not because I wanted to stop. The dialogue flows naturally. The settings are detailed and believable. The characters are as real as anyone you might meet.

I checked all my favorite book retailers and didn't find a single review of this title. A Dash of Longing is such an excellent little romance, I'm totally baffled that it has languished in obscurity since 2007. If you like romance that's mostly sweet but gets a little steamy, give this one a try and then let the author know how much you love it so she'll write more.

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    A Dash Of Longing

    A Dash Of Longing

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