A Hard Day On The Farm by Christine Columbus

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  • Page Count: 14
    Word Count: 4000

    (MSRP: 1.5000)

    When Molly Moved to the country, her new neighbor, George, made learning to drive the tractor a memborable experience that was just one aspect of farm life Molly found enjoyable.

    (14 pages) Spicy
    Previously published in Rose Petals Vol II


    The sound of the tractor sputtering at the edge of her property had her racing to get dressed. She pulled her damp hair back into a ponytail and yanked a simple yellow t-shirt dress over her head. She dashed from the bathroom and out the front door.

    She reached the tractor at the same time that George got the big green monster started again.

    "After seven thousand dollars, it still runs like crap!"

    She looked up into green eyes that were full of fire. His frown went to a slow smile as his gaze trailed along her bare legs and up to her eyes.

    "You promised," Molly shouted over the engine noise.

    She saw him hesitate then he took the tractor out of gear and reached down his hand. "Okay."

    Molly eagerly climbed up onto the tractor. She settled herself in front of him. The warmth of his body radiated through her dress. His legs tightened momentarily against her hips drawing her closer to him. His hand traveled across the front of her dress and lingered at her waist. "I think you forgot something," he whispered into her ear.


    His hand continued to mold the soft material against her skin. "Yes, you definitely forgot a couple of items." His breath was warm against her skin.


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A Hard Day On The Farm

A Hard Day On The Farm

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