Strings Attached by Elisabeth Rose

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    Hannah, a talented but disorganized violinist, is going on a concert tour of rural Australia. Jack, a famous wilderness photographer, agrees to accompany the musicians and provide photos of the trip, as a favour to his uncle Bernard, the tour leader. Another favour is collecting Hannah, but she isn't ready. The cat has had an accident, and any prospect of a leisurely trip alone in his car is shattered when the tour bus departs without her. Enforced confinement with a chattering, messy, infuriatingly cheerful woman is Jack's idea of hell. Their relationship deteriorates rapidly as even more areas of disagreement emerge. An added irritation on both sides is undeniable physical attraction. How will they survive a night in the car, stranded by floodwaters, on an isolated country road? And once back in Sydney, is there any future for the reluctant, fledgling couple?

    Digital ISBN: 978-1-5092-0031-3
    (284 Pages) Rating (Spicy)


    "Don't you ever shut up?" Dark eyes stared down into her eyes for a moment, just long enough for her to draw a quick, startled breath. Then he put his hand to her cheek, slipped his fingers behind her neck, drew her to him and clamped his lips on hers.

    An electric shock raced through Hannah's body. Nerve endings tingled which had lain dormant for months, responses activated which she had forgotten existed, feelings were aroused she didn't know she had. His mouth was delicious, his hand on her skin sent shivers of delight rippling down her spine.

    Her hands flapped ineffectively against his arms for support as her knees turned to spaghetti. His other arm clasped her round the waist, holding her body against the flat angular planes of his with solid pressure. Surprisingly comfortable, a still functioning part of her stunned brain managed to register. Surprising...

    Then the rest of her brain fired into action.

    This was Jack the rotter! She'd only just met him, and they'd done nothing but argue. What was his game? Seduction, after all? She'd been forewarned, thought she was forearmed, but he'd slipped through her guard as easily as could be. He must be gloating...

    She pulled away, hot and confused. Embarrassed. His hand slid from her neck, and his fingers left a burning trail on her skin. So easily, he did it so easily. He laughed a soft little laugh, holding her eyes with his, then turned and walked towards the house. Stopped, looked back.

    "Hannah? Come on." Mimicking her.


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Strings Attached

Strings Attached

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