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The River by Jo Barrett

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  • Page Count: 33
    Word Count: 11000

    (MSRP: 1.5000)

    When Roxanne's son presents her with a handsome handyman to fix-up her house on the river, she's tempted for the first time in her life to have an affair. The only problem is, Adam is a good deal younger than her, and she isn't too keen on being a 'Mrs. Robinson' look-a-like. Will she let her fears keep her from loving with all her heart for the first time in her life?

    (33 pages) Spicy


    "Mom, this is Adam Banks."

    Roxanne looked up and was captivated by an overly warm smile, and if she wasn't mistaken, a gleam of interest in his pale gray eyes. Her heart actually skittered across her chest. She couldn't recall the last time it had done that, not at the sight of a handsome man, at least. Usually the frantic beating was a result of being startled by a snake or other woodland creature this city girl wasn't yet accustomed to, but not by a man. Not in a very, very long time.

    Roxanne shook her head slightly, and said, "Thank you," as she accepted her hammer. "It's nice to meet you."

    "It's nice to meet you, too."

    Handsome, polite, and entirely too young, an annoying voice in the back of her mind whispered. Oh, well, she silently sighed. Her libido would have to adjust.

    She refused to be one of those women who did more than appreciate the sight of a handsome man years younger than themselves. Although Adam didn't appear to be young enough to be her son, he was definitely not in her age bracket.


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The River

The River

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