Waiting to Waltz by Lainey Bancroft

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    A man who lives to cook and a woman who loves to eat should be a magical match. Except Riana Walker’s French is even worse than Jacques Chevalier’s English. Besides, with a husband who left her because he claimed her thighs were doughy enough to sustain a Wonder Bread factory, she’s sworn off rich food. Can the enthusiastic French chef woo the diet-addicted divorcee into dancing to a different drummer? Or when summer ends will Jacques return to France and leave Riana waiting to waltz?

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    After her guests departed, Riana watched him energetically scrub down her Vermont castings barbeque. He possessed the unique ability to make himself completely at home without being overly forward, which would ultimately make him an easy house guest. She yawned and made a mental note to not allow the man to detour for a jumbo double double too often or she'd be severely sleep deprived by summer's end.

    A warm hand on her cheek startled her out of nodding off in the lawn chair. Jacques deep voice carried a hushed note in the moist June air. "You have skin of five year old. Made for this candlelight. Lovely."

    Sure, without the freckles that afflicted so many redheads, her skin was nice enough. It was just too bad there was so damn much of it. Riana swallowed heavily as he traced her brows, cheekbones and jaw and then, with the tip of his index finger, outlined her lips. The liquid black of his eyes sent a foreign languidness coursing through her veins, making her wish she had the nerve to suck his finger into her mouth. She sat forward, startled by the aberrant thought.

    "You are sleepy, non?"


    Jacques chuckled at her blunt pronunciation of the simple word. "Rest. Tomorrow I cook for you breakfast in bed, my wonderful hostess. We will have the best time, getting to know us."

    Strange phraseology aside, gazing into the dark heat of his eyes, Riana didn't doubt him for a moment.


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Waiting to Waltz

Waiting to Waltz

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