A Second Dance by Jennifer Traveler

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  • Page Count: 145
    Word Count: 39323
    Rating: Sensual (PG-PG13)

    (MSRP: 4.2500)

    Single, broke and humiliated, Carrie doesn't think she can recover from the dissolution of her marriage, until a kiss from a gorgeous stranger turns her life around. Now she's got a new job and an opportunity to dance on stage again. Best of all, she's rented a picture-perfect cottage from the man of her dreams, Scott Levitt. But when her best friend, Lori, decides Scott is the answer to her own mid-life crisis, Carrie must choose whether to step aside or fight for a second chance at love.

    (Pages 145) Sensual


    With that, his mouth came down on hers with the heat and intensity of a desert storm. He pulled her tight to his chest; one hand slid to the small of her back. Then he moved forward until he’d pressed her against the garage wall, kissing her until she couldn’t breathe. Grant had never kissed her like this. No one had ever...

    Carrie lost track of everything except the man’s mouth and arms and hands. This was the way she’d always wanted Grant to treat her. She’d wanted him to desire her to distraction, to hunger for her. Without thinking, she kissed the stranger back, unleashing all the passion she’d been saving up. She was like parched earth at the first drop of rain, in an ecstasy of anticipation and need.

    All of a sudden he straightened up and broke off the kiss. Carrie lifted a shaking hand to cover her mouth. What had she done?

    “I’m...” He cleared his throat. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. He’s just...” He shook his head and started again. “Your husband is the stupidest man on earth, Carrie Lawrence.”

    She watched him disappear around the edge of the garage. A moment later she heard a vehicle’s engine start somewhere down the road. Who on earth was this man whose kiss made her toes curl?

    And why had he called her by her maiden name?


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A Second Dance

A Second Dance

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