The Gift of Deception by Patty Henderson

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    Once again, Maggie Watson is left high and dry. After two failed marriages and numerous tumultuous affairs, she gives the internet a chance. She’s quick to connect with a man she feels is “the” one, and follows her heart to Nickel Town, Texas where Tom Anderson has arranged for their purchase of the Stepping Stone Nursery. All is well until Tom vanishes one day, leaving behind only a vague explanation.

    In the middle of the night, the discovery of a package on Maggie Watson’s front porch brings intrigue to her repetitive life. It sparks her to reach out to Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, in particular, the ever-delicious, Deputy Nick Johnson.The emotional struggles thrive and wane as Nick and Maggie attempt to steady themselves while enduring continual harassment over the following weeks. Nick struggles to maintain his devotion to Maggie, fearful he’ll fall into the pattern of others gone by.

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    (160 pages) Spicy


    I heard the clatter of the bridge. Jimmy turned and cautiously peered around the tree. Scrambling to my feet, I almost fell but caught myself with the palms of my hands. Desperation drove me and there was no looking back. It was time to run like hell.

    “Maggie, get back here!” He screamed. I could hear him running behind me, deep breaths pulsing from him with each step.

    Thorns of the shrubbery alongside the muddy road were snagging my feet and each rock igniting a nerve. The sting bit into my flesh on both my arms and legs, but I kept pounding ahead. Tree limbs were snapping. His pace quickened. I didn't dare look back. My chest felt tight. I gasped for air. And then, darkness.


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The Gift of Deception

The Gift of Deception

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