Along Came Quinn by Suzanne Rossi

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    Antique store owner, Alexandria Montgomery, doesn’t like or trust adventurer, Quinn Rafferty, but needs him to guide her through the jungles of Guatemala in search of her thieving ex-boyfriend who has stolen a priceless treasure map.

    Deep in the jungle, Alex learns love can strike at any time with the least likely of men, and Quinn comes to the realization an uptight antique store owner, who upon their first meeting shot him, just might be the woman for him.
    But what will happen when Quinn discovers Alex has lied, and the treasure--earmarked as a way to provide for his mother and grandmother--doesn’t exist? Can he forgive her betrayal, or will he just walk away?

    (288 pages) Spicy


    “I’m losing patience. Don’t make me get nasty.

    You won’t like me if I get nasty.”


    She thrust her chin out, pushed away from the desk, and stood with arms akimbo. “I don’t like you now, and I’m not scared. If you planned to kill or knock me over the head for it, you’d have done so Friday night.”

    He leaned his head back and sighed. “Why are you being so stubborn? Can’t you see how much this means to me? Besides, you don’t look like the type to go off chasing after buried treasure. It’s not your style. Okay, five thousand. That’s my final offer. Just let me have the map.”

    Alex walked behind the desk and sat slumped, biting her lip. If he didn’t have the map, that left only one other person who could have taken it, because only one other person knew of the map’s existence and had the combination to the safe—Rod.

    Rod! Shit, in the excitement over the missing map, I forgot all about him.

    She straightened as a horrible thought raced through her mind. Oh, God! Could this Victoria person have come into the shop on Friday and forced Rod to open the safe? And where was Rod now? Hurt—or dead? She needed to check his apartment. If he wasn’t there, she’d call the cops regardless of how much Quinn Rafferty objected.


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Along Came Quinn

Along Came Quinn

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