A Twist of Betrayal by Allie Harrison

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  • Justine Franklin is taken hostage during a store robbery and little does she know the robbery is just a stage for something much bigger. She soon discovers her husband, the man who holds her heart, a respected officer of the law, is not the man she thought he was.

    When Dan Franklin learns his wife has been kidnapped, he knows the past he’s kept hidden from everyone, even Justine, has come back to haunt him. While their memories give them strength, their deep love will soon be put to the greatest test.

    Dan’s terrified he can't save Justine or the child she carries. And though he is not afraid to do whatever it takes to get Justine back, can he do it and keep safe the secret he's kept for the last decade? Or will his past destroy them both?


    Rating: Spicy (PG13)
    Page Count: 266
    Word Count: 66615
    978-1-5092-0678-0 Paperback
    978-1-5092-0679-7 Digital


             Dan looked at the guy with the gun. If he looked at his wife, if he saw the fear in her eyes, he might do something stupid. As soon as they got through this, he would look at her. He would tell her how much he loved her and he'd kiss her.
        He stepped closer, but he stopped when his walking nightmare pointed his gun at Justine's temple.  As soon as Dan stopped advancing, the gun was once again pointed at him.
        "I do want her. And I won't hesitate to hurt you in order to keep her. Just as I won't hesitate to hurt her to get to you. Don't come any closer," he warned.
        "Let her go. I'll let you live."
        "What about your oath to protect and serve, Officer Franklin?"
        "It doesn't pertain to you."
        "Well, then I don't have a choice."
        Dan couldn't dive out of the line of fire quick enough. He was aware of Justine's scream. The gun went off.
        Dan felt the sharp burning of sudden pain.


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A Twist of Betrayal

A Twist of Betrayal

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