Love and the Pursuit of Law by C. K. Charlotte

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  • Ivy Smythe is one of the first women admitted to practice law in England. Intelligent and independent, she hopes to work for women’s rights and defend those less fortunate. She is shocked when her law partner father insists she defend a young aristocrat accused of murdering a prostitute.

    The Honorable Bryan Henderson is the son of a baron and a member of the Society of Bright Young People. His privileged life of wild parties is threatened by the death of his older brother and the discovery of a corpse at his family’s estate. The last thing he needs is a lady barrister!

    While Bryan attempts to show Ivy who has the power in their relationship, Ivy struggles with her conflicting roles of barrister and attractive young woman. Together they experience the excitement of London’s Jazz Age and a growing attraction neither can deny.


    Ivy sat in her office staring into space. As one of the first women called to the bar in England, she had not had time for frivolity. Actually, she had not even had time to think of it. What had she missed? She wondered. Her perusal of the back issues of the Mirror revealed all sorts of changes. Hair was shingled. Dresses were above the knee, loose around the waist, beaded, feathered, and fringed. Hats had been replaced with glittering bands circling the head. Jazz had replaced classical music; the Charleston had replaced the waltz. Young people no longer favored formal dinners and debutante parties, but rather trips to clubs with names like the Gargoyle and the Night Lite.

    Ivy sighed, then looked up as a quick knock preceded her father’s entry into the office. Behind him was the most beautiful human being Ivy had ever seen. His golden hair flowed above green eyes flecked with gold, as well as intelligence. His face was angelic. He was tall, slender, but well formed. His expensively tailored clothes showcased his figure. She stared, forgetting to breathe.

    “Ivy, I want you to meet…”

    Ivy attempted to stand but knocked over her cup of tea, chipping a cup from the bone china set which had been in chambers for as long as she could remember. Liquid spread over her copies of the Mirror. As she bent to blot it, the image of the young man before her stared up from the page with his arm around an equally attractive young woman.

    I hate her, Ivy thought, surprised by her reaction. Her father and the young god accompanying him moved forward simultaneously to help her mop up. She quickly turned the Mirror’s page, sending tea flying. Mortified she looked up to find her father eyeing her curiously and the young man unsuccessfully hiding a smirk.

    “May I be of some service, Father?” she asked crossly.

    “Allow me to introduce myself, mademoiselle,” the young man interrupted haughtily. “The Honorable Bryan Henderson, son and heir of Baron Fitzgerald Henderson.” He flawlessly executed a court bow while adding, “At your service.”

    Of course. Ivy retreated to her chair. The devil, masquerading as the most beautiful man on earth. Rich, idle, degenerate. Creating a public nuisance by speeding around London in expensive motorcars taking part in scavenger hunts. What was he doing in chambers? In her office?


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Love and the Pursuit of Law

Love and the Pursuit of Law

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