Stealth Maneuvers by EJ Towler

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  • Marine Alan Prescott has never encountered an obstacle he couldn’t adapt, adjust and overcome, or a woman he couldn’t seduce. After nine months in Afghanistan, he’s set his sights on the sexy brunette in the officer’s club bar in Key West.

    Air Force Colonel Anne Moss has come a long way from a scared, pregnant teenager. The only thing she loves more than her job, as a nurse midwife, is her daughter Brianna’s family. She has no time for a man, much less a young cocky Marine.

    But there’s the bet with her best friend--one kiss and she’d win a $300 bottle of scotch. Besides, what could a little flirting hurt? One man, one woman and a bet. What could possibly go wrong?


    Anne made a beeline for the ladies room. She dropped into a blue wicker chair, propped her feet on a footstool, removed her cell phone, and dialed her best friend. Laura answered on the third ring.

    “Hey, girlfriend. How’s Key West?”

    “Oh, it’s wonderful. Just damn wonderful,” Anne snapped as she stood and paced around the room.

    “Sarcasm, I recognize that—”

    Anne cut her off in mid-sentence. “You win the bet.”

    “You’ve been in Key West less than forty-eight hours. You can’t be afraid to walk into a bar, talk to a man. I know it’s been a long time. The bet is you kiss a man. A real, live, breathing male. You don’t have to throw him on the floor, take him right there. Although, now that I think of it, that would do you a world of good. It’s not normal to go without as long as you have.”

    Anne paced faster. “Oh. I was in the bar. Found a sexy Marine, flirted my butt off.”

    “So what’s the problem? Wait, he didn’t turn you down? Men are such jerks.”

    “No, I’m pretty sure he’s interested. Hell, I’m interested. He’s a friend of Mike’s.”

    “Wait, your son-in-law Mike?”

    Anne held the phone away from her ear to avoid the over-loud laughter. “Are you done?” she asked after several seconds.

    “Okay. Tell me about him? Don’t leave out anything, all the stats.”

    Anne could visualize Laura grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary. Her feet propped up on the footstool by the pool, a glass of wine within reach. “Didn’t you hear me? He’s a friend of Mike’s.”

    “And that’s a problem for you, why?”

    “He’s young, very young.” Anne plopped in the chair again. Put her elbows on her knees and dropped her head into her hand.


    “Don’t you get it? I can’t go there.”

    Laura responded as if Anne hadn’t even spoken. “How young are we talking? Eighteen? Twenty?”

    “Crap, I don’t know, late twenties, earlier thirties.” She began pacing again.

    “He’s legal, fair game. Aren’t you the one who says age doesn’t matter?”

    “Yes. But not when it comes to sex. What’ll Brianna think?” Anne stopped and placed her hand on her hip.

    “Probably like me, your daughter will think it’s about damn time.”

    Anne let her chin drop to her chest and shook her head. “Talking to you makes no sense. Bye.”

    “Wait, seriously, wait.”

    “W—h—a—t?” The word came out in three long syllables.

    “I’ll be watching for a blue moon.”


    “If you get lucky, there’ll be a blue moon.”

    “Goodbye, Laura. I’ve got to change for the party.” Instead of dressing, she fell into the wicker-backed chair. Damn good time for her sexual temperature to flare up. Anne giggled. It hadn’t flared up. It was more like spontaneous combustion, and she had an idea this wasn’t going to be a controlled burn.


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Stealth Maneuvers

Stealth Maneuvers

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