Forever Hunted by Carolina Montague

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  • Kim Parker and Rakesh Alcourt are undead, but running for their lives. When the vampire Kronos unleashes a virus to depopulate humanity, and starts by killing her, Kim is sucked into a nightmare world of running and hiding.  She’s not sure what she is anymore; she just knows that her love for Rakesh is boundless.

    Rakesh saved Kim’s life, but now the clock is ticking. Soon Kim will sink into unconsciousness, and either never wake up, wake up as a monster, or wake up fully transformed. But whatever Kim needs, Rakesh will provide. Turning her into a vampire was a selfish act. Rakesh never gave her a choice; he simply could not face a life without Kim.  And now, Kronos is hot on their trail. As each one of Rakesh’s safe havens prove to be corrupted or steeped in catastrophic betrayal, he must descend into hell to save Kim.


    “It didn’t taste as dead.” That sounded weird, but it was the best she could do.

    Rakesh looked down. “You’re right. I took a little from Doug, Mark’s nephew. Not enough to hurt him. It’s not live, but closer to live blood than the bags in the refrigerator.”

    “Just what did you do to him?” Now a shiver trembled down her spine.

    “He was uncooperative.” The sorrowing compassion on his face blended with a hint of iron. “I rendered him unconscious and took enough from him to fill this.” He lifted the canteen.

    “Just how unconscious did you render him?” She did not want to be in the business of hurting humans. What had Rakesh done?

    “I said he’ll be fine.” Now he did look at her, but his eyes were fiery and remote, an expression that only he could pull off.

    Okay. She needed to pick her battles. If Rakesh said the guy would be all right, she believed him. “If it has been about forty years since you were there, how did you know there would still be blood, ah, that is, frozen blood packets in the little freezer?” She fought an urge to grab the canteen from him and chug it down before he buried it in the backpack again.

    “Forty-seven years ago, Mark had just returned from Vietnam. He needed help. I should have kept closer watch.” He shrugged and stood, looking toward the mountains. “I didn’t entirely trust him, so the place for my supply was built into the restroom.” He dug into her backpack and pulled out the newspaper he’d stashed there. “With each delivery of fuel, my agents deposited a couple of bags and took away the old ones. If Mark or someone else had actually cleaned in there, they were to inform me.” He looked back at her. “He never did.”

    Thank God she didn’t touch anything there. Though it probably wouldn’t affect her now. “But won’t this guy Kronos be able to find us? We must have made tracks.”

    “If Kronos himself goes to the airstrip, yes, he will find us.” His voice took on an edge of steel and pain as he looked away. “But that is not his way. He will have humans do most of the initial work.” He unfolded the newspaper, but just held it trapped between his hands.

    “What made you suspicious of Mark and his nephew?”

    Rakesh looked at her and offered the newspaper. He took her hand before he released the paper. “There was nothing I could do about this.”


    She so did not want to see it.

    She looked at it anyway.

    The headline was almost two inches high. Terrorists Claim Virus, Demand Release of “Earth is Ours” Members.

    But the pictures below the headlines had her dropping the paper and scooting away from it.

    “Shit! Everyone will think we did it.”


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Forever Hunted

Forever Hunted

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