Valentine's Day at The Corral by Debra St. John

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  • For all the time Gail Robbins spends at her favorite local honky tonk, she’s never met Mr. Right. So she lets her cousin talk her into attending a Valentine’s Day singles’ mixer/speed dating event at The Corral. But even confetti and floating cherubs aren’t helping Cupid find her a match. Until she runs into Scott Callahan.
    Scott Callahan is sexy, gorgeous, and charming. Unfortunately, he’s also Gail’s new boss, and it’s never good to mix business with pleasure. Besides, he's definitely not her type. Or is he?Maybe Cupid's magic can bring two lonely hearts together.


    Normally she didn’t go for men in suits and ties. She only wanted two things out of life. A pair of nice fitting jeans and the man inside them. Some girls liked shoulders or chests or abs. For her, it was all about the butt.

    It probably was stereotypical of her to think it, but men in business suits tended to be stuffy and uptight. She wanted someone more laid back, with an attitude as casual as the clothes he wore. An executive in charge of running a company wouldn’t know the first thing about relaxing. Taking life as it comes. Or having time to spend with a wife and a family.

    Still, despite the fact Scott Callahan was more than likely a clone of all of the other guys in suits and ties she’d ever met, she’d spent an inordinate amount of the weekend thinking about him. And not just his fine derriere. Had she been too quick to turn down his offer of dinner?

    Caught up in her memories, Gail jumped when the phone rang. “Thompson and Sons, this is Gail, may I help you?”

    “Did you get my note?” The man had a voice as nice as his ass.

    “Yes, I did.” Gail kept her tone professional as Jack Wellington nodded hello on the way past her desk.

    “It really was, you know. Nice talking to you.”

    “Thanks. It was nice talking to you too.” They’d joked. They laughed. They even found a tiny bit of common ground. Tiny, as in miniscule. Other than meddling relatives, they had zero in common.

    “So why don’t we do it again? I know you don’t want to have dinner with your boss, so how about coffee?”

    “Look, Mr. Callahan…”


    She ignored the correction. “I really don’t think it’s a good idea to date the boss.”

    “Who said anything about a date?”

    “Oh, I mean, I uh…” Heat flooded her cheeks. Gad. Thanks to her weekend of obsessing she’d misconstrued his offer.

    “This will simply be two coworkers getting together to chat.”

    Right. Like she could face him after putting her foot firmly in her mouth. Just because she couldn’t stop thinking about him didn’t mean he was interested in her. The candy and the silly note didn’t mean anything either. “I—”


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Valentine's Day at The Corral

Valentine's Day at The Corral

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