Be My Love by J.C. McKenzie

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  • Broken-hearted and bitter, Brenna Jones plans to spend Valentine’s weekend at her parents’ cabin, reading romance novels and devouring heart-shaped candy. When her truck hits a snowdrift and plows into a bank—during a storm, no less—her plans take a drastic detour. Eric Buchanan, the playboy jerk from her past, comes to her aid. He’s her only option for reaching safety.
    Eric can’t wait to escape his parents’ latest attempt to set him up. He’s given up on happiness, knowing he blew his chance at love a decade ago. When his snowmobile ride turns into a harrying escape from a blizzard, he discovers Brenna stranded in the storm. After he ensures her safety, he plans to explain the misunderstanding that tore them apart. Can a secluded cabin help Eric convince Brenna to be his love?


    She hated Eric.

    Didn’t she?

    Focus, Brenna. Light the stupid candles. Ignore the temptation vibrating from the six feet of sexual energy a few feet away—the one who currently lathed himself with a wet sponge in front of a roaring fireplace while he watched her with a glint in his eye. Dammit! He must know the effect he had on her.

    She cringed.

    Candlelight probably wasn’t a great idea. It wouldn’t exactly dampen the growing tension in the cabin, but at least it would distract her from the near-naked man a few feet away.

    After searching a few drawers, Brenna found the matches. She milled around, lighting candles and placing them in the kitchen and living room. The soft light flooded the cabin, adding shadows and the soft fragrance of vanilla. She didn’t use all of them. The candles and flashlight batteries needed to last. They might be holed up here for days.


    Alone with Eric Buchanan in a candle-lit, secluded cabin.

    Another deep breath.

    She switched off the flashlight and turned to Eric. He sat in front of the fire, leaning back and supporting himself with his arms. The light from the roaring fire licked his chest and highlighted his well-defined abs.

    As if he sensed the weight of her attention, he turned and his green gaze locked with hers. Images overtook her mind—their naked bodies entangled in the dancing light of the fire, his hard body pressed against hers, Eric leaning back wearing the same content expression he wore now as she straddled him.

    A little devil popped up on her shoulder. You could have that.

    Brenna squeezed her thighs together as heat pooled between her legs—legs she’d like him to part with his hands before delving his tongue—

    “Brenna?” Eric called to her. “Join me?” He patted the space on the rug beside him.

    What the hell? She didn’t like Eric Buchanan.


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Be My Love

Be My Love

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