My Divinely Decadent Duke by Sandra Masters

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  • Orphaned and abandoned by family, Lady Cassandra Montgomery yearns for love. Beautiful and innocent, she attracts the attention of a renowned rake, the Duke of Althorn. When her security is threatened, she offers him a proposal for an arranged marriage in exchange for his guarantee of safety for her and her ward. After her first taste of desire in his arms, she finds the sexual attraction irresistible. Finding herself in a family way, she leaves his home, unsure of his love.

    The Duke is at first enraged by the brazen behavior, yet he sees Cassandra as a captivating caregiver for his mother and impossible to resist. He agrees. The arrangement becomes inconvenient because love and sex enter the equation.

    Will she believe her husband truly loves her and return to his waiting arms?

    Will the Duke admit his love and use his rakish skills to woo Cassandra back to his bed?


    Her heart was in high tide with thunderous waves that pounced and withdrew with a heavy undercurrent. One could drown with ease.

    “I could hire other caregivers, but it’s my belief that with you she’ll recover.”

    “You agree if the arrangement isn’t suitable to us both, you will provide me with a cottage and a small stipend? No legal separations, no divorce, no scandal?”

    “I agree,” he answered. His voice displayed no emotion.

    “Why does the cottage have to be on your estate? Could I not be placed somewhere farther removed?”

    “It is for your safety, Cassandra. Everyone has enemies. I wouldn’t want to see you endangered in any way. Of all things, I am not a monster. My lands are well guarded. You will have every accommodation you need, but I do hope you won’t require a cottage.”

    “What about love and passion?” she wondered until she realized she spoke the words aloud. Enough. Everything but the one thing I want. And you think you are not cruel, Gordon?

    “They shall take care of themselves with time. I will not force myself on you…unless you wish it of me. I would like the opportunity to demonstrate to you I am a good man you may wish to know better, Cassandra. Goodness knows you’ve seen many sides of me.”

    Somehow the arrangement didn’t sound as insane as before. It could work. At least she wouldn’t have to marry Ashcombe, a perfect stranger. Her choices were an older gentleman, or the younger scandalous rake she loved.

    Her mind spun.

    Her world twirled.

    She swayed.

    He held her steady in his arms.

    Her heart broke.

    And then he did a terrible thing.

    He kissed her with tender gentleness and coaxed open her lips. Their mouths melded together. Her body molded to his and it was perfect. She heard heart beats, pulse beats, thunderous beats. To be so close to him, so near, so in need—it was so unfair. She rested her head on his broad chest and made her decision.

    “You are an innocent and a temptation I cannot afford, but I want you,” he murmured.

    Was it better to be miserable with him than without him?


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My Divinely Decadent Duke

My Divinely Decadent Duke

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