For You by Emma Kaye

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  • It's Valentine's Day, and candy heart sayings mock Drew Engledown's lonely state. He wants more in his life than work, but hasn't met anyone he can imagine spending his life with. When he puts his own life at risk to save a friend, he's sent back in time to Regency London and mistaken for a murdered earl. Has he been given a chance at love with the earl's beautiful widow, or will he suffer the same fate as the previous lord?

    When her husband's heir lays claim to all she once owned, Lady Engledown is left nearly destitute. So she doesn't know whether to be relieved or angry when the earl returns but claims he's not her husband. Could he be telling the truth, or is he toying with her? She doesn't know what to think of this man who is so different from the husband she never loved. Can they find happiness together, or will this man she comes to love leave her worse off than before?


    She took a delicate sip of the chilled liquid when they paused near the doors to the terrace. They were closed against the cool night, but a draft kept the over-warm air of the crowded ballroom at bay.

    He pulled at his cravat, something he’d done repeatedly throughout the night, and let out his breath in a gush. “That’s better. It’s hot as an oven in here.”

    She placed a hand over his to get him to release his collar. “We’ll stay but a few more hours. You may untie your cravat the moment we are out of sight within our carriage. Until then, please refrain from disrobing in public.”

    He grinned and pulled her closer to his side than was seemly. “You’re just dying to get me naked, I see.”

    She gasped. Heat flooded her face. “I meant no such thing. I—”

    Drew laughed. “Sorry, sorry. I couldn’t resist. Modern humor.”

    She flipped open her fan, waving it before her face in an attempt to hide a bit of the blush that had surely turned her face a brilliant shade of red. For a moment, she’d thought him capable of reading her mind, for thoughts of him naked had indeed entered her head.

    The strains of her favorite waltz drifted through the room. She hummed along to the music to distract herself.

    “Would you care to dance?”

    She turned to Drew in surprise. “I thought you didn’t know how?”

    He gestured to the swirling couples on the floor. “Most of your dances, no. The waltz? Surprisingly, yes. My friend, Chuck, had all the groomsmen learn for his wedding. A surprise for his bride. I never thought I’d do it again.”

    She gripped his arm. Doubts plagued her. “Is this wise?”

    His warmth seeped through her silken glove. The idea of being in his arms sent a rush of desire coursing through her limbs, weakening her resolve to stay out of the dancing this evening.

    “Come on. If I screw it up, let me know and I’ll blame my injury.”

    “If you’re certain.”

    He led her onto the dance floor and twirled her into his arms. Within moments, she was able to relax and enjoy herself. He did indeed know the correct steps. He held her a trifle close, perhaps, but in the eyes of the ton they were married. She caught approving smiles from the dowager contingent who’d laid claim to a corner of the ballroom from which they smiled or frowned their opinions of the younger generation’s behavior. A strong word from any of them and her reputation would be made or destroyed in an instant.


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For You

For You

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