On Paradise Key by Sandra Madden

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  • Boston babe Kathleen Cassidy is down on her luck when she arrives in the Florida Keys. She's lost everything but her inheritance—a go-fast boat and a battered old bar on Paradise Key.

    Joe Scipio promised to protect Kathleen Cassidy and while doing his best, he's losing his heart to the Boston beauty. The hot fishing guide needs Cassidy's land and is determined to send her back to Boston where she belongs. But he risks breaking a sacred vow and falling hook, line and sinker in love with Cassidy, the absolutely wrong woman for him. And
    then, just who will protect the headstrong redhead from him?

    A series of events threaten both her life and livelihood, forcing her to question the circumstances of her dad’s death.  Soon she’s searching for treasure under the watchful eyes of a rugged undercover ICE agent, a hot marine archeologist, and perhaps...a killer.


    “I…I don’t understand.”

    “The museum won’t be just about educating the public about the Miccosukee. There’ll be displays highlighting the contributions of the Seminoles, the Tequestas…all the Florida Natives.”

    Was Joe assuming I’d sell him the land now? Confusion mingled with a bit of sadness deep in my belly. “But you need my land to build the museum.”

    “I found a patch of land that just went up for sale closer to Key Largo.”

    “But is it Miccosukee land?”

    He shrugged his magnificent shoulders. “Close enough. Look. If your father lost his money and this scrap of sand is all you have, then you need to sell it for more than I can scramble up.”

    “What?” My heart just about stopped. “What?”

    “I don’t want to cheat you out of your inheritance. And I don’t want anyone else to do it either.”


    “Really. You didn’t ask to be thrown into this paradise for misfits.”

    “No…but, you know, lately I’ve been thinking I may be a misfit, too. I…I want you to have this land.”

    His lips parted in a shadow of a smile.

    My heart leaped from a happy dance to the rhythm of a thundering stampede.

    He leaned down and kissed me.

    Just a brush on the lips at first. But that touch ended all thoughts of conversation. Joe’s gentle whisper of a kiss started a fire deep inside my body. I parted my lips, and his arms wrapped around me and the kiss grew warmer, deeper. Crushed in steel, feeling deliciously wanton, I savored the feeling, a longing, a desire more intense than any I’d ever experienced.

    Scipio had just shared his dream with me, something I knew he hadn’t done lightly. I also knew this strong, sexy man had protected me since I first stepped foot on Paradise Key. He’d teased and flirted and burrowed his way into my heart. This is what I had come to the Mico for, I’d come for Joe Scipio. I’d never been kissed the way he kissed me. And his were the only kisses I wanted. Gloriously lightheaded, I circled my arms around his neck.



    He carried me into his bed.

    And, my Boston upbringing forbids me to share the details. Whatever you are imagining, take it one step further.


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On Paradise Key

On Paradise Key

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