Two Hearts in Time by Raymona Anderson

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  • Rescued by tomb looter, Miguel Zamora, Sonrisa Lyons struggles between her contempt for Miguel's thievery and her need for his help in returning to civilization.

    Miguel, haunted by the loss of his wife and son would like to abandon the troublesome trouser-wearing woman from the future, but his cultured upbringing and compassionate heart rule.

    Forced companionship on the trail through Yucatan's steamy jungle blazes into mutual passion, and in spite of herself, Sonrisa is drawn into Miguel's true mission. At journey's end, she finds a possible way to return to her time. Will she try to open the portal or choose life with Miguel?


    Sonrisa blinked in surprise, then remembered the marriage he’d trumped up to explain her existence. He’d said it would protect her reputation; and then they’d carried on like coupling pigs. Sonrisa coughed behind her hand while she regained her composure.

    Considering a different topic advisable, Sonrisa asked where the don might be.

    “He brings water from the cenote. He will return soon.”

    Sonrisa certainly hoped so. It wouldn’t do to spend another night alone here with Don Juan Miguel Zamora y Balam. Her mouth grew dry at the thought of how she’d ached to feel him inside her, and what submitting to that desire might have cost.

    Feeling useless among the busy women, she sought a hammock in the shade to wait for Miguel. Heat, coupled with fatigue from the night’s rigors weighed down her eyelids. She knew nothing more until someone said, “Risa?” She opened her eyes to a smile that lacked only a canary feather between the man’s lips to indicate self-satisfaction. Looking sour, Hector Cocom stood beside him.

    Dismissing the man as a superstitious old fart whose bark had to be worse than his bite, Sonrisa swung from the hammock and motioned for Miguel to follow her to a more private spot between two dwellings.

    Miguel cocked an eyebrow suggestively. “You are weary this morning?”

    Sexual banter wasn’t safe; every nerve ending in Sonrisa’s body zinged with remembered pleasure and longed for more. “I was resting up for the journey ahead. When do we start?”

    He pooched his lips. “You are so eager to leave me?”

    “I just want to find my way back to my time if possible. Seeing Nicte made me realize how much I miss my nieces and nephews.”

    “To part with a loved one is the worst torture.” No longer flirtatious, his eyes shadowed, Miguel looked past her at something far away in his mind.

    Sensing he needed comfort she dare not offer or she’d melt into his arms, Sonrisa retreated a few steps. “I will find a way back home.”

    “As you should,” he said, his face a mask now.

    “You could help me.”

    “If you mean guide you to Mérida, I cannot.”

    “Just as you cannot give up your thievery?”

    “There are things that you do not understand, Gringa.”

    Things like a woman’s name spoken in passion?


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Two Hearts in Time

Two Hearts in Time

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