Man for Hire by Rhonda Eason

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  • An unexpected trip…

    When Lauren Daniels gave her housekeeper an all-expense paid island vacation, she hadn't expected to join the young woman on the trip. Why had she AGREED to it, anyway? The loss she’d suffered a year before had changed her from a decisive workaholic to a restless pushover. Fine, she’d tag along. But that didn’t mean she had to like it.

    An unexpected woman…

    Dwayne Donner was bored with the Caribbean sun and the beautiful women. Both could burn: bad. But when he met Lauren Daniels—a woman who looked like she’d rather be anywhere than a beach paradise—Dwayne’s instinct to run in the opposite direction failed him. He’s drawn to her, despite the trouble he knew she’d bring.

    An unexpected encounter…

    Lauren couldn’t risk the pain of loss again. Dwayne couldn’t risk being conned by another woman. But the risk of heartbreak is eased when she discovers who Dwayne Donner really is.


    “Tennis?” He held up his racket.

    “Are you serious?”

    Dwayne shrugged. “The instructor isn’t here yet. C’mon. Just a couple of games before he shows up?”

    “I don’t think so,” she said. She put her shades back on. “Good luck though.”

    “You’re too busy counting the cracks in the sidewalk?” He began to walk beside her, the fence between them. “What are you up to, negative three? It’s a spotless resort.”

    She stopped. “What’s it to you what I’m doing?”

    “Listen, um, this is a word I don’t say often so I want to make sure you hear it the first time around, okay?”

    “I’m listening.”

    “Sorry about the other night. I was preoccupied with business.”

    “Apology accepted. Enjoy your game.”

    “Awe, c’mon, lady banker. You’re on vacation. How about letting down your hair, coming in here, and letting me show you how this game is played?”

    Her jaw fell at the same time her brow rose.

    “Show me how it’s played?”

    It was so easy. Offend a woman’s ability to do anything, even that thing which she could not do, and steam would blow from her ears. It was a feminine thing he couldn’t understand. Granted, Dwayne didn’t know how to play tennis at all, but he was a natural sportsman. Even if she had a few lessons under her belt, he was sure he could give her a decent enough challenge. So he reiterated his challenge, if only to make her forget for a short time what had been on her mind in the first place, and he sure as hell hoped it hadn’t been his behavior the other night. Even though he had no romantic inclination toward her or anyone else, Dwayne knew that having a reputation for being an asshole was not good for business. And what wasn’t good for business wasn’t good for Dwayne. Besides, he never said that he couldn’t be friendly with a woman.

    “Let’s go one round,” he said. “If I lose, I’ll buy you dinner.”

    “It’s an all-inclusive resort.”

    “Then what would you like?”



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Man for Hire

Man for Hire

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