Rendezvous with Death by Suzanne Rossi

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  • When reporter, Shelley Jackson, discovers the body of her friend and informant in an alley, she teams up with the dead man's brother, architect, Jason Mallory, to solve the crime. But two more murders, a couple of arsons, and whispers of unsafe building practices tell them the deaths are connected to city corruption being investigated by Shelley's newspaper.

    Their relationship heats up to nights of hot sex, while their search for the truth has buildings crumbling around them. But the killer is watching from the shadows of respectability and planning for the couple's demise. Can they reveal the killer before they become tomorrow’s headline?


    “I’m glad to hear he had friends. He was shy and not an aggressive sort. He wouldn’t push himself on others.”

    Unlike you.

    I nudged the bowl away. I’d had enough of food, drink, and Jason Mallory. I wanted to get back to the office and research the man.

    “I don’t think he went out much,” I said.

    “Other than you, did he date anybody?”

    “You’re asking me about his love life?”

    “I thought he might have confided something, since he trusted you.”

    “Sorry. If he was seeing anyone, he didn’t tell me.”

    Mallory finished his steak. The waiter timed the end of the meal perfectly, appearing within seconds of Mallory’s fork hitting his empty plate.

    “May I get you some dessert? Coffee?”

    My dining companion looked at me and when I shook my head, said, “Just the check.” When the man left, he turned his gaze to me. “Thank you for being Marc’s friend.”

    What an odd thing to say. It made me uncomfortable, because I’d often gone months without thinking about him. I mumbled a reply. “Like I said, he was a nice guy.”

    The waiter presented the check. Mallory extracted a slim alligator wallet from the inside of his suit coat, and laid three twenties on the tray. “Keep the change.”

    A sixty-dollar lunch. I was impressed, which was no doubt his intention. My instincts had been right. This guy demanded and would pay for the best of anything. Not wanting to prolong this uncomfortable meal, I shoved my chair back and rose.

    “Thank you for lunch, Mr. Mallory. I hope you have a safe trip home.”

    He also stood. “I’m sticking around for a while. See what the police uncover. I want Marc’s killer caught and brought to trial.”

    “We all do.”

    On the sidewalk, I offered my hand. “Goodbye, Mr. Mallory, and thank you again.”

    He smiled, grasping my hand firmly. My arms broke out in goosebumps while a small thrill zipped up my arm and traveled to the pit of my stomach. Oh, no! Not that!

    “Don’t make it goodbye. We’ll be seeing each other again. I’ll be in touch.”

    He turned and walked away. I stood in the middle of the crowded sidewalk, examining my skin for singe marks. An attractive man who sucked that kind of a reaction out of me was dangerous in more ways than one.

    He disappeared, swallowed up by strolling tourists and bustling businessmen. Yes—very dangerous. I didn’t want to admit he intimidated the hell out of me.



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Rendezvous with Death

Rendezvous with Death

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