Explosive Memories by Sherri Thomas

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  • Jordan Reece blames her wild, adolescent ways for the heartaches she has endured and has tried to make it up to her parents’ memories every day since. Until, her past catches up to her in the form of a cowboy best forgotten. Being around Trent Matthews forces heated memories to surface, but she refuses to put her heart at risk again. The last time she allowed herself to be swayed by the smooth-talking, slow-swaggering cowboy, she arrived home to a pile of ashes.
    Trent’s mundane existence moves at an idle pace, until a raven-haired beauty from his past returns and shakes things up. He wants to rekindle the flame ignited years ago and set free the wild, carefree girl she has buried under refined manners and nice clothes, but he has a hard time offering ‘until death do us part.’  The last time he proposed landed him in an operating room to remove two bullets from his chest. Will their pasts continue to tear them apart, or be their saving grace?


    “Why’d you tell me your name was Lynn?”

    His low voice and breath on her face brought her back to the present. Jordan fought the urge to step back, holding her ground while her knees wobbled, threatening to give out. She wanted nothing more than to stay composed and not be affected by him, but her body defied all reasoning and leaned forward, inhaling his spicy, animal mixed scent.

    Irritation flared, and she met his glare with annoyance. “It’s my middle name. Jordan Lynn Reece. As for using it, I didn’t know you from Adam.”

    The corner of his mouth tilted up and his eyes darkened. “But we got acquainted real quick.”

    “As much as you can in the span of twelve hours.”

    “I memorized every inch of your body, every sound you made…every whimper.”

    She stumbled back and held up a hand. “Don’t.”

    Trent’s gaze shifted to her mouth. His warm palm caressed the side of her cheek. “Why the charade?”

    Her heartbeat sped up at his contact. “I didn’t think you’d remember me.” She cringed at the admission. Damn him and his closeness, and damn her loosened tongue.

    His hand slipped to the nape of her neck and massaged the tight muscles. Fighting the urge to moan, she held herself rigid, refusing to let him see how he affected her.

    “How could I forget the most fearless, open, passionate girl I’d ever met?”



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Explosive Memories

Explosive Memories

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