Infinite Choices by Jane Drager

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  • Lt. Mitch Montero of the Philadelphia P.D. does not count romance as part of his life.  Work is essential for Dr. Carisa MacDowell to handling her financial woes. Their collision on the street changes everything.

    Forced onto medical leave, Mitch invites the beautiful doctor to his family’s estate in Geneva, New York. A whirlwind of events envelop them involving Mitch’s overbearing sister, a lecherous cousin, and a teenager harboring his pregnant girlfriend. To add to Mitch’s problems, his father looks like ash, and the dog’s teeth keep falling out.

    Nothing prepares them for the murder of the groundskeeper. Their investigation leads to a child abduction enterprise and a fight for a child’s life. Never more than now are Carisa’s ER skills tested.

    Will the chaos cease long enough for Mitch and Carisa to explore their growing attraction?


    He froze at the sight of her tear-stained face. “What happened?”

    Moving her head, she motioned toward the patio since words wouldn’t come from her clogged throat.

    Mitch ran out, took one look at his father, and fire rose in his eyes. “Why aren’t you working on him?” He grabbed the lifeless body and lowered him to the ground. “Call 911!”

    She stared wide-eyed as he listened and felt for breaths. “Mitch, stop. He’s gone.”

    “Not if I can help it. I’ve too much to tell him.” He intertwined his fingers and positioned his palm over Jack’s sternum. He pumped on the old man’s chest. “Help me!”

    “Mitch, please stop. Let him be. He doesn’t want this.”

    “How the hell do you know what he wants? He’s my father. Call 911, dammit!” He blew air into his father’s mouth.

    This is a dream. I’m still upstairs sleeping. She squared her shoulders and placed a hand on his shoulder. In her sternest doctor voice, she leaned down to force him to look up. “Mitch, enough. He wanted to go in peace. Please let him.”

    He shrugged off her hand. “Are you going to call 911?” He pumped harder, his speed fueled by his anger.

    Ribs cracked, and she cringed. She grabbed his arm. “Mitch, stop!”

    He pushed her away. “If you’re not here to help, then get the hell out.” Pumping with one hand, he used the other to reach into his pants pocket for his cell phone. He fumbled, caught it, and dialed. He glanced up at her with a glare. “Out! Get out of this house!”


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Infinite Choices

Infinite Choices

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