My Mountain Man by DeeDee Lane

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  • Slip in Time Series

    Addy Spencer, Assistant Curator at the Cowboy and Western Museum, is putting the finishing touches on a mountain man exhibit when she slips back in time and into the heart of the rugged West.   Big Jake’s sizzling green eyes and gorgeous physique are a dream come true, just what Addy has always wanted.
    When Big Jake saves Addy from a randy group of trappers set to rendezvous at the Snake River, their love seems possible.  But can Addy open her heart to this mountain man knowing that at any moment she could be whisked back to her own time? One thing’s for sure, Addy can’t resist her mounting desire as she uncovers more cowboy delights than she ever imagined.


    “We got us a woman this year!”

    “Shorty, I’m hungry. Where’s the fixins?”

    “I’ll just eat this little gal.”

    “Not if I get her first.”

    Rough hands pulled Addy up and onto a horse still in midstride.

    “Let me go.” Addy swung her arms wildly, trying to free herself from the man’s grasp.

    The stranger easily subdued her arms and pushed his rough face against her mouth, searching for her lips. His thick hands grabbed her breasts, roughly squeezing them.

    “Now it’s my turn to get some lovin’ from this little sweetheart.” Another man grabbed her from behind. He pulled her dress roughly above her waist.

    “Oh, God, no…get off of me.” Terror blazed through her. Frantically, Addy tried to pull her dress down and twist away from the trapper’s lunging hands. She was trapped. Cold air swirled around her pantaloons.

    “Clyde, hold on, you can’t—” Big Jake’s voice boomed out over the chaos of the rendezvous.

    “I’m not holdin’ back fer nothing.” The trapper’s hands were clawing at her pantaloons, pushing them aside to get a handful of her womanhood.

    “Help m—!”

    Addy’s scream died out as Jake’s large fist shot out and caught her captor straight in the jaw. The man fell away from her and down to the ground like a saddlebag, limp and unmoving. Finally, the men were still. The only sound was the gasp of Addy’s breath. Jake grabbed her by the shoulders and looked into her eyes.

    He’s trying to tell me something. But what?




"I just finished reading My Mountain Man by DeeDee Lane and enjoyed it very much. The story with its clever plot is very well written and interesting to read. DeeDee Lane is an excellent writer."

JoAnn Salin

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    My Mountain Man

    My Mountain Man

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