Saving the Children by Fran McNabb

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  • After losing her husband and unborn baby in a car accident for which she blames herself, Victoria Lafferty had devoted her life to helping South American children find homes in the United States, but her plans are thrown into chaos by a rebellion in the country.

    After his mission is compromised and he is shot and captured, Major John Dawson, is kept alive so the rebel leader can “take care” of John himself for killing his brother.

    Together Victoria and John face the hostile jungle and the rebel leader, but will deep-seated guilt and a desire for revenge stand in the way of their life together?


    Major John Dawson draped his arm across Victoria’s shoulders. “Try to relax. We’ll need every ounce of strength we can pull up for what’s ahead.”

    At first she stiffened at the feel of his arm across her body, but she knew he was only trying to help her relax, so she didn’t pull away. She placed her head on his bare chest, closed her eyes, and pretended she wasn’t feeling the warmth of his skin against her face and inhaling his masculine scent.

    Just as he’d done while they were in the hut, John made her feel safe. He had a quietness about him that calmed the tension in her. She’d felt it from the beginning, but anything beyond that was silliness on her part. Nothing about John Dawson was familiar to her. He was a stranger. Someone whose life of killing and secret missions was totally foreign to her, someone who could not understand having a softer, gentler side as her former husband had.

    She didn’t want to think about the car accident that had erased their future together or to crawl into the black hole where misery ate at her soul so she thought about the joy her orphans gave her. They’d given her direction and a reason for living. Now it was time to make sure she helped them find their own direction and a good life by getting them to the States.

    But first she and John had to get back to the orphanage.

    She looked up at him. He had no idea what dark places hid within her soul, but he held her against his body, ready to protect her from whatever might come their way. She hadn’t wallowed in self-pity for a long time and today wasn’t the time to start.


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Saving the Children

Saving the Children

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