Dare to Risk All by Joyce M. Holmes

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  • Tessa Caldwell’s carefully structured world is thrown into chaos when the handsome stranger she had an uncharacteristic fling with reappears in her life. Ben not only gets the promotion she thought was hers, but is also intent on resuming their physical relationship. Although Tessa’s rational mind insists on a professional association, both her heart and her traitorous body have other ideas. Can her sensible nature possibly win against such temptation?
    Memories of the petite blonde with large, blue eyes have haunted Ben Dunham for months. When he transfers to her branch, he anticipates picking up where they left off. Reality doesn’t match memory when the cool and collected lady wants no part of him. If he intends to pursue Tessa, he has to earn her trust. The problem is, Ben carries a dark and dangerous secret. How does he get Tessa to trust him when he can’t trust himself?


    Ben crossed the room to the computer table. From where she sat, Tessa caught a whiff of a sensuous blend of spice and citrus as he passed her desk. She swallowed. Hard.

    “I take it this was Ed Hardy’s computer, and now it’s for my use?” he asked after a moment.

    “I guess,” Tessa agreed. Needing to concentrate on something other than how sexy Ben smelled, she dug in her drawer for her appointment book to see what she had on her schedule for the day. Morris wanted her to clean up any outstanding work by the end of the week, leaving her free to focus on new accounts with Ben. She had been developing some ideas to pitch for spec work, which were almost in the final stages and wouldn’t take long to finish once her computer was back up and running.

    Ben walked over to her desk, folded both arms across his chest, and gazed down at her. “Ya know, this polite stranger thing is getting pretty old.” When she looked up, he braced his arms on the edge of the desk and leaned in. “Are we talking to one another or what?”

    Tessa dropped the book and flattened into her chair. That now familiar breathless feeling constricted her throat. His stance, his closeness, gave her an exhilarated, restless sensation. Her body reacted to the message she read in his eyes, little jolts of desire mingling with spurts of resentment. The treacherous way her body responded to him embarrassed her, and if she read his smug expression correctly, he knew exactly what effect he had on her.

    No matter what or how she actually felt, her pride demanded that she prove this impertinent man wrong




Where do I start with this great book? First of all look at that adorable cover! I love books that include pets in the storyline so that grabbed my attention right away. Milo in this story is so CUTE. I think I instantly fell in love with the little fellow.

Tessa Caldwell works hard at her job and has a pain in the rear end boss that doesn't fully appreciate her. Tessa is one of those ladies that likes to keep things smooth so she tries not to rock the boat. The more the boss doesn't give her credit the more she tries to do a better job. I really liked Tessa. She is a lovely lady that adores her little doggie Milo by the way.

Ben Dunham reappears is a suave handsome fellow that can sell anyone anything. He doesn't believe in love or happy ever after. His childhood was not good and he has terrible memories of the only marriage relationship he has seen. He's a nice guy though and really is very thoughtful and very good at his job.

Tessa and Ben didn't expect to see each other again after a chance encounter. However when Ben is hired by Tessa boss they are forced to work together and fight the feelings they have for each other. Oh my goodness the chemistry in that office is strong. I loved watching these two get to know each other better and try to fight the attraction they have for each other. They work well together and have a good time in each other company. I enjoyed watching them form a friendship to add a nice base for their instant attraction.

There are plenty of obstacles in their path. Someone is out to tear even their friendship apart. There is some very dramatic moments, some really sweet romantic moments and a few slightly steamy moments. These two both have things they must overcome and get through in order for a relationship to work. They really will have to Risk it all.

The other thing I enjoyed was the friendship between Tessa and her co-workers. They stand by each other through some troublesome times.

Overall I really enjoyed Dare to Risk All. I really enjoyed the storyline. The characters are fun and charming. They have very interesting personality that made the story a lot of fun to read. I loved that Ms. Holmes included cute little Milo in the story. Milo added an interesting and lovable touch to the story.

I enjoyed Joyce Holmes writing style. She has nice way of telling an entertaining story and I would certainly love to read more work by her.

I would highly recommend this story to anyone that loves a great romance story. I think you will enjoy it. I know I certainly did.

I was given the opportunity to read this great story so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Dare to Risk All.

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    Dare to Risk All

    Dare to Risk All

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