Forever in Hollywood by Jovana Rodolakis

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  • Fresh out of college, Marissa Pearson is ready to take on the world. That is, as long as the world isn’t confrontational. She never learned to deal with opposition, instead she runs from it. She ran from a violent boyfriend, a cheating husband, and now she’s on the run from Andrew Reed. He’s the sexy Hollywood playboy intent on nailing her down in more ways than one.

    Long days on a movie set can bring people together. Soon Marissa  finds herself  falling for the wrong guy--again.  When Marissa’s past catches up with her, in the form of a vengeful ex, she learns the price of running. But Andrew channels the heroes he plays on-screen in order to give Marissa the strength to do the right thing.

    Only when Marissa learns to face challenges thrown at her, will she also learn Andrew was the right guy all along.


    “I just had to have one more kiss. I couldn’t stand another instant without one.” He rushed the words. “But I really must run now.” Before I could collect my thoughts enough to get a word out of my mouth, he gave my bottom a playful smack and jogged away.

    Tomorrow was my big romantic scene, I needed to go over my sides, but all I could think about all night was our kiss. Never in my life had anyone taken my breath away with a kiss.

    I used the passion I felt in Andrew’s kiss to drive the scene between Billy and myself. Focusing on him kept any nervousness at bay while the cameras were rolling. It made me feel euphoric to sail through the scene.

    While browsing the craft table for a snack, I thought I felt someone slap my bottom, but several layers of petticoats made me second-guess myself. I snapped my head around, ready to scold the offender when I saw Andrew strolling on stage in his red officer’s uniform. He turned and gave me a wink that made my body quiver.

    There was a surprise waiting for me in my dressing trailer at the end of the day. Sitting on the built-in counter was a bird of paradise flower and a yellow sticky note that read ‘Going to miss you tomorrow but will stop by after work.’ It was signed with a scrawled A.

    I felt like I was living a dream, this was far too romantic for reality. Was he a figment of my imagination? I didn’t care, I decided to live in the moment and chase my dream so I tucked the exotic orange flower in my hair and left.


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Forever in Hollywood

Forever in Hollywood

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