Rainy Days and Roses by Dawn Douglas

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  • Denver chef Zelda Marshall's life is in a downward spiral. In the past year she's suffered a breakup, a job loss and her parents have split up. She's alone on her birthday, gorging on ice-cream, when childhood friend Dan Walker turns up out of the blue. When he suggests Zelda accompany him to England and help with the renovation of a derelict cottage, it seems like the perfect opportunity for her to recover and make a fresh start. The only problem is, Zelda's heart seems determined to remember how she used to feel about Dan, whilst his interest in her remains purely platonic. Is going to England with her old friend a recipe for disaster?


    Zelda stomped downstairs and grabbed her jacket from the coat stand, shaking with emotion as she pulled it on. Dan watched her, still in his robe and pajamas. Rage sizzled through her at his calm expression.

    Oh, she was jealous all right. In fact, green with envy didn’t even begin to cover it. She’d spent half her life wanting Dan Walker, and he treated her like some sort of sweet little pet. She was sick of it.

    “Going out?”

    With a venomous look in his direction, she wrenched open the door, only to gasp in shock. The rain had seriously picked up again. Small hailstones pelted down viciously, and in her hurry, she’d pulled on her hoodless, lightweight jacket. But she was damned if she’d turn back now.

    “You’ll get soaked,” Dan said. “For God’s sake…”

    Ignoring him, she stepped outside and slammed the door. It was a childish thing to do, but the gesture gave her a single moment of deep satisfaction. Immediately, she was not only wet but freezing cold. Gritting her teeth, she proceeded down the path.

    Elsie was hurrying in from the lane. She pushed open her gate, latched it, then caught sight of Zelda. “Why don’t you go back inside and wait for this to pass, my love?” she called out. “You’ll be soaked through.”

    “Oh, I’ll be fine,” Zelda replied, as a gust of wind drove icy shards of hail into her face.

    Behind her, she heard Dan open the cottage door to shout, “What the hell are you doing? You’re going to catch pneumonia.”

    She decided to ignore him.


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Rainy Days and Roses

Rainy Days and Roses

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