Romantic Road by Blair McDowell

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  • When Lacy Telchev buries her husband she finds herself in treacherous waters. Igor, much older than Lacy, had secrets. Suddenly, Lacy is being chased across Europe by men who believe she can lead them to those secrets.

    Evading her pursuers with the aid of a chance acquaintance, the handsome and mysterious Max Petersen, Lacy travels across Germany, Austria and Hungary, to a shattering discovery in Budapest. Along the way, she meets three women from Igor's past.

    As Igor's story unfolds through them, Lacy is less and less certain who her husband really was. Who can Lacy trust? Will she survive to find out?


    “Where is it? Just tell us where it is and you won’t get hurt.” The taller man loomed over her, his face expressionless, a mask.

    “Where is what? What are you talking about? Who are you?” Lacy began to be annoyed. That was better than being scared. “Can I see your badges again?”

    The second man stared hard at her though dead-looking flat grey eyes. “Mrs. Telchev”—his voice was low and menacing—“we mean you no harm. But you must tell us where your husband hid his manuscript.”

    They knew her name? Icy tentacles slipped down Lacy’s back. She shook her head. “What manuscript? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

    At that moment the red-and-white lights of a state police vehicle rounded the curve coming toward them. Seeing the blocked road, it stopped. Two uniformed officers got out and approached the parked cars.

    “You’re blocking the road. What’s the trouble here?”

    The taller man spoke. “No trouble, Officer. Sorry about the way we’re parked. I’ll move the car immediately. The lady was pulled over here, and we just stopped to see if she needed help.”

    He flipped open his wallet and showed the officers the same ID he’d shown Lacy.

    It seemed to mean something to the policemen.

    Lacy opened her mouth to say something and then thought better of it. What could she tell the police? These men wanted a manuscript from her, but she didn’t know where it was? Or what it was about? Or even if it existed? That it involved her dead husband? No. She wouldn’t say anything. Not until she knew.


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Romantic Road

Romantic Road

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